Coastal missile system


"Sweeps ships within a radius of 600 kilometers": Russia sent "Bastions" to the army of Haftar

The Libyan National Army will supply coastal defense complexes to Libya.

Arab media, citing official sources in Egypt, reports that Russia has agreed with the Libyan National Army to begin supplying Bastion coastal missile systems to defend against an attack on Libya planned by Turkey and Italy. It is known that Egypt asks to expedite the supply of Russian coastal missile systems capable of hitting naval targets within a radius of 600 kilometers, since Ankara plans to begin a military operation in the coming weeks.

Apparently, it is a question of selling the Bastion complexes of the Egyptian army, however, they will be immediately transferred to the Haftar army.

“The military representatives of Egypt and Russia said that Cairo asked Moscow to expedite the supply of coastal defense systems, in particular the Bastion, to the Libyan National Army. Sources said that the Bastion system is capable of protecting the Egyptian coast with a length of more than 600 km from potential enemy landings, since the complex was deployed at military facilities in just five minutes. ”- сообщает Al-Masdar News.

It should be noted that according to the latest satellite images, off the coast of Libya there are at least five Turkish warships and one Italian frigate, which poses a very serious threat to the Libyan national army, however, thanks to the Russian Bastions, Libya will be able to “lead »Turkish ships even in the territorial waters of Turkey.