Media: American destroyer tried to enter the Kerch Strait

The American missile destroyer tried to break into the Kerch Strait, but it was stopped by Russian warships.

According to Sohu Military, the USS Porter, an American missile destroyer, armed with 90 Tomahawk missiles, attempted to arbitrarily pass into the Kerch Strait.

“Recently, the American destroyer USS Porter entered the Black Sea, tried to cross the Strait of Kerch and was surrounded by a large number of warships sent by the Russian Navy. All that was left for the American warships to do was get out of this sea area. In addition, Moscow warned that without Russian permission, US warships would not be allowed to enter the Kerch Strait, otherwise they would open fire. According to an analysis of international experts, the United States supports the Ukrainian government and keeps it on the path to anti-Russian actions. The second point is to check Russia's reaction: if it is not intense, the United States will be able to place its forces here ”- сообщает informational publication "Sohu Military".

It should be clarified that, relatively recently, the USS Porter missile destroyer was indeed located in the Black Sea, but the Russian defense department did not report any attempts by the American ship to enter the Kerch Strait, however, this fact does not mean that the United States did not prepare provocation.

“Experts are absolutely right that the main purpose of the presence of American ships in the Black Sea is not to ensure security in this region, but to create provocations, including near the Crimea. Even if such an incident was really planned, then probably the Russian fleet of the “American” would not have been allowed closer than a few tens of kilometers. ”, - said the analyst.

But he really has a draft of 9.3.

as soon as they do not make up fables, the destroyer erupted, the US submarine saw near Moscow, the aliens with England and the US are preparing to send a meteorite to Russia. everyone forgets that many powerful people have villas, castles and other real estate there and the kids live there an attempt to distract from internal problems. \ That's the armored train from Mexico came to the Kiev station \ .... delirium.

I agree that Gorbachev and Yeltsin are cowards. The first is pathological, and the second is an impregnated brain. Violation of the state border of Russia must be punished severely, so that violators of all stripes know their place in the sun

Your cowardly policy was with your Gorbachev and Yeltsin!

The cowardly foreign policy of the Putin regime gives the US a reason to become impudent!

That's right, when any country ship passes the Bosphorus, it is obliged to raise the flag of Turkey.

Yes, you're right, this is a photo of the bridge over the Bosphorus. And everyone knows Kerch.

Plus - the Turkish flag is developing on the flagpole!

There, the Turkish flag was hoisted on the mast of the ship (for passage in Turkish waters. Bosphorus) and the picture was taken AFTER the ship passed under the bridge. Such "informants" should be there, where the flag is.

Actually, this is the data of a rather serious Chinese publication, and not this resource .. interesting information, they will not lie, it is much more interesting why ours modestly remained silent about the incident

The draft of this destroyer is 9 meters, the depth of Azov is 6-8 meters. So where did the destroyer “break through”? Stranded and become a marine battery with 90 Tomahawks?

I can’t believe it. Landing a ship aground? A big risk.

Passing the Bosphorus, they died of schizophrenia, having learned that they had already been sunk in the Kerch Strait, and even declared a holiday for this holiday among 146% of Russians

It looks like Turkish Bosphorus

Please, in more detail, what became of this jackpot from the jackal of the VSA burrow?

I suspect that some kind of infection was dragged
From the west, one infection only goes
There has never been anything good from there

The photo is in doubt, regarding the Kerch Strait, obviously the information is being drained from the wrong finger.