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Media: fluent top manager of the branch "Roskosmos" was the keeper of state secrets

The fluent top manager of the Roskosmos branch turned out to be the keeper of the gostine.

In the publication of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, it is suggested that due to the departure abroad of the former general director of the Research Institute of Space Instrumentation (NII KP, a branch of the United Rocket and Space Corporation, part of Roscosmos), Yuri Yaskin, the state corporation may have not only problems with financial abuse, but also in the protection of state secrets.

The publication suggests that there is a possibility that Yaskina could be familiar with numerous domestic developments of electronic systems of navigation satellites. Perhaps we are talking about promising satellites.

For example, Research Institute space instrumentation participated in the production of satellites and the main part of their onboard equipment for the GLONASS system.

Specialists of this research institute are engaged in a number of large space projects. This includes the International Space Station, Spektr and Soyuz - Kuru. They are also busy with the support of launches with the participation of the Fregat and Briz-M upper stages. With their help, civilian and military vehicles are launched into orbit.

Employees Space Instrument Research Institute may be fully familiar with the policy of the Russian rocket and space industry as part of the import substitution program for the electronic component base of satellites, the authors suggest. Previously, such devices were purchased in the United States. Without breakdowns they worked on 15 - 20 years. Analogs made in Russia serve much less.

According to journalists, the former general director was familiar with a large amount of information, in the distribution of which Roscosmos is not interested.

RIA Novosti clarifies that Roskosmos confirmed Yaskin’s dismissal. Instead, the head appointed Alexey Shashkov.

The first section, I wonder, still at large?

Disgrace the country first guide

that's for sure. And the most interesting thing is that they go unpunished across the territory of Russia

Such defectors who know a lot need to be destroyed in any country in the world, wherever they run away. And it is necessary that they also know that retribution is coming! Where is our GRU and foreign intelligence. All who feel like it is already disgracing our country.



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