Media: another Russian ally refused to buy the S-400

Another Russian military ally refused to buy the S-400 air defense system.

The media reported that the Serbian authorities finally abandoned the purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense systems, after the acquisition of the Chinese FK-3 complexes. Up to this point it was assumed. that the Chinese air defense systems will be used by Serbia exclusively as an addition to those ordered from the Russian Triumphs, however, according to the Sina publication, the rejection of the Russian systems is final.

“Serbia has purchased a total of 3 sets of FK-3 air defense systems, and a large number of air defense missiles will be sent to Europe, which will also significantly increase the country's defense capability. As a traditional ally of Serbia, Russia complained that Serbia did not order complexes from it. Despite strong pressure from the United States to alienate, Serbia used real action to show what a true ally is. According to reports, the Serbian arms import company recently announced the purchase of three FK-3 anti-aircraft missile systems for the country's armed forces. The missile has a maximum range of 100 kilometers and an operating altitude of 50 to 27 meters. According to reports, the FK-000 is an export version of the medium-range air defense system developed by the Aerospace Science and Industry Group ", - about it сообщает publication "Sina".

Earlier it was assumed that Serbia could receive Russian S-400 air defense systems on the terms of a special loan, however, apparently, the Russian military partner in Europe was not satisfied with such conditions, and therefore, this country chose Chinese air defense systems.

Well. Another bombing of Yugoslavia by American F22 and F35 will put everything in its place.

That, I ask sir, a Slav brother of the 1939 model, already "a chicken is not a bird, Bulgaria is not abroad" has become an eternal traitor? Has stopped feeding from your hand? Get ready, there, in addition to Serbia, you will soon be ordered to call Belarusians fascists. And start where you go. And then Comrade Stalin will not approve of such willfulness - an opinion different from Kiselev's

Not the terms of the loan did not suit them, but the quality of the C400.

These are the problems of Serbia and Serbia, Russia is not an ally. "Stalinist" correctly stated the statement of Alexander III.

You cannot use C300 in Syria. And if they are destroyed by Lichkinstein's aircraft. What then? In general, everyone will be returned with scrap metal. The strength of the S300 and 400 is that they only threaten but do not shoot down.

duck Putin bans the use of S-300 Syrians. Are they Serbs are they fools to buy something that cannot be used?

Alexander III said: "Russia has ALLIES ONLY TWO ARMY and NAVY." Churchill confirmed HIS WORDS. but the current "grabbing hands" each ... is considered brothers or allies (I have no words). They had never heard of Bulgarians = BROTHERS under Hitler.