Explosion palmyra


Media: "Islamic State" is preparing an attack on Palmyra

It became known about the plans of "IG" * to win Palmyra.

From the report of the Lebanese edition of Al Masdar News, referring to a source in the Syrian Arab Army (CAA), it follows that the terrorist group Islamic State (IG, is banned in the Russian Federation) may have planned an operation to regain control of the ancient Palmyra city (Syrian province of Homs).

The publication states that the military was able to reveal the militants' plan for such an action. Control over this city is beneficial "IG" already because in Palmyra there are historical objects. Because of this, the Syrian and Russian aviation has limitations in striking.

It must be recalled that the terrorists managed to capture Palmyra and the territory adjacent to the city twice.

The Al Masdar News publication in April published information that the CAA had lost two convoys in the vicinity of the city of Palmyra within a month. Both were heading to Deir ez-Zor. Traces of the convoys, as well as the military accompanying them, could not be found. They were both probably ambushed by the terrorists. Information also appeared that since the beginning of the month 35 Syrian soldiers had been killed at the hands of militants.

For the first time, terrorists were able to take control of Palmyra in 2015. Then, in May 2016, the Syrian army and Russian special forces liberated the city. At the end of the same year, he was again captured by terrorists. The second time Palmyra was released by March 2017 of the year.