Explosion in the sky


Media: Su-30 fighter exploded during flight

In a plane crash with a Su-30 fighter, two pilots died.

The plane crash that happened the night before in Venezuela claimed the lives of two crew members. According to Avia.pro, one of the crew members aboard ejected almost immediately, while another pilot tried to regain control of the lost control of the combat aircraft.

According to some data, despite the fact that one of the pilots of the Su-30 fighter ejected well in advance, he received injuries and injuries incompatible with life, while the second crew member was never able to leave the combat aircraft.

It should be clarified that the Venezuelan authorities denied the crash involving their combat aircraft, however, after the photo from the crash site appeared, they fully confirmed this fact, noting that a conclusion about the tragedy could be given only after an objective investigation.

It is noteworthy that a number of sources even state about the explosion of a combat aircraft right during the flight, while the data on whether the ammunition was in the arsenal of the aircraft was not commented on that way.