Hitting targets


Media: Israel first used smart bomb in Syria against С-300

Israel first used bombs on the territory of Syria against the C-300 air defense system.

The Israeli edition of "Mako" reports that the Israeli Air Force for the first time successfully conducted tests of the latest Spice-250 planning bomb, designed to destroy medium-range air defense and missile defense systems.

“Rafael announced in its official Twitter account that successful tests of the Spice-250 smart bomb had been carried out, on which the new automatic target recognition system was installed. The last time an attack on Syria was reported 10 days ago, when an Israeli Defense Forces spokesman announced that combat aircraft and helicopters attacked several military targets belonging to the Syrian army, and this week it was reported that the possibilities for such attacks were improved., reports the publication, noting that it was during the last attack on Syria that an improved planning bomb was tested, though Syrian C-300s were not the target.

In Israel itself, the Spice-250 bomb is called a C-300 destroyer, noting that there are no defenses against the smart bomb, and it is very difficult to find it using radar because of the stealth technology used in its design.

Is it so effective is the Israeli development, as it is reported in Israel itself, while it remains unknown.

yes that ZH you All only discuss war. reconciliation is not who does not want?

And who gave Israel the statehood?
Who supported?
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You know with all of our wretchedness, you know, our people live a very decent life, but you have more than 20 million living below the subsistence minimum, this is according to your official data, but really sure much more, and so before and arrange a life worthy of all your people, and not a handful, adjust the economy to our level, but then you have the floor

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Can. To do this, still need to take off. After the first successful hits on the C-300 over Israel banal arrange a no-fly zone.

Suppose even destroy a few calculations C-300. After that there will be a no-fly zone over Israel. On the donkeys will the next bombs be brought up?

The whole joke is that such a bomb can be dropped over its territory, and it will fly to the right place, would be enough radius. There are about 50 km. The EPR bombs are small and notice it late, when even its generally low speed is enough to overcome the air defense system in the final segment.

And where can you find these losses?

You're just a deceived idiot with brainwashed. Or a villain provocateur. One out of two. There is no third.

Abraham, too many traitors were among the Soviet Jews. Even in the KGB, a Jew was an accomplice of Zionism. As a result, many Soviet developments found themselves in dirty and playful little hands of the Zionists. By participating
the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Jews thought that their participation would be marked by the Zionists and they would heal .... Forgot about the Holocaust, organized by the Zionists .... Healed. But not all. Then I met the Jews, waving their little hands with screams: "What have we done !?"

Vadim, microscopic Israel has at its disposal the resources of vast Russia (and not only). And America helps

Do not bombs deliver planes to the target? If so, how will the bomber go away from the C-300?

Now your president shows his weakness, bowing to the KREMLIN. Our country does not fly anywhere, who needs to fly.

Insanity grows stronger. Alexander measure the temperature, it seems you have a fever. Or are you joking?
Putin is too adequate and balanced politician, but he could cover all Israel with a white sheet and sleep peacefully Sasha. But he is kind and thinks about you, more than you do.

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History teaches your people, teaches, but you don’t want to get rid of the old rakes, which you are constantly attacking. Is this your national? Greed? Again, present yourself above all of mankind?
Every nation has talents, geniuses, but I do not think that they, including those of the Jews, would begin to brag about it. We, including those who share my opinion, respect them for their contribution, civic position, universal human qualities and, of course, not on a national basis.
But remember the Open Letter to Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Smolensky, Khodorkovsky and the rest of the oligarchs “Arguments and Facts”, No. XXUMX, 38 of the city, read carefully, and if you have something to think about. Perhaps there will be no desire to be rude to us, Russian. By the way, I noticed that during the war the Russian Jews 1998-41, and not only, called themselves simply Russian.
Well, if nothing good comes to your smoked mind, and even worse, your speculation will be infectious for your people ... I am not a prophet, of course, like Edward Topol, who predicted the exile and terrible death of Berezovsky, who warned in the same letter, about the possible consequences The boorish behavior of the "self-exclusion" of the Jews, but I think the hour of repetition of history is not far away, and God forbid you do with forty years of wandering in the desert.
Morals for the Jews (and not only) do not spit ...

The lesson was taught bitter, even in 1972, at one of the meetings, our military refused to develop microelectronics in the army, they were very willing to take it in the west, the result is bitter. BUT, it is necessary to take into account that in the operation of Medvedka both the US forces were involved in setting up jamming, and target designations for ground-to-ground missiles, which at the beginning of the operation destroyed part of the launch air defense. I don’t give further analysis of the "flights", now we see that the Jews are trying to catch up with the Russian military on armaments, but then the time has passed them, and the engineers who pushed the development of the forces of Israel, the former Russians, have already moved. So far, the only thing the Jew can do is to try to modernize the old hardware programmatically, they have no strength for research as in 6. But the Arabs have always been like a warrior, Seebe, very mediocre warriors, here affects the mentality.

Alexander, all losses are completely open to the public! Your emphasis on the fact that the data is still hidden-only clearly demonstrate the wretchedness of your Jewish fairy-tale propaganda. After all, the real numbers of Soviet losses do not fit into your myths, with which you must indulge yourself and therefore you need to invent fairy tales about secret losses. There are no secrets for a long time - for all the military companies that Russia has led since the post-war period - whether it is a war in Korea, Vietnam or the African continent, as well as the war on BV. I understand that you want to appear on this list - special, but no, you are the same for us Koreans and Blacks - like everyone else! There was no heroism or samples of military art — you did not show the Jews, much less Soviet ones. All your art was based on the total bribing of the Arabs (and the Jews know a lot about how to buy a soul for a pittance, because they sold themselves for them))), as a result of which our advisers could not plan a single military operation that would not become known to the Jews in an hour . As they themselves joked for this, it is necessary to replace all the Arab officers on their own - up to the commander regiment.
There was no defeat in the so-called Medvedka 19 - there were no usual losses typical of such conflicts - somewhere we hit you in the ass, where you managed us through your Jewish cunning prowess - for example, with remote-controlled kamikaze drones. It was due to the fact that your pilots were defending themselves, refusing to board the planes, and if they took off for the mission, then at the first launch of the ZR they were saved by bailing out, and then you had to think
way - how to defeat the Soviet air defense system!
Do not amuse yourself with illusions - your army is only suitable for war with the Arabs. It presents no real threat to Russia, and your leadership understands this perfectly well!)))

Alexander is circumcised, no matter how much you want the Israeli army to be considered the most high-tech, but all this is just your dreams. Alas! They are not among the strongest. In the event of a conflict, it is not even taken into account. It was created only to fight the Arabs, it is not capable of anything else. High technology against homemade devil-machines. You can relax, no one reproaches you, you are not the only one. Someone praises America, someone Israel, someone Ukraine
I am a patriot of Russia, I love my country and am proud of it! And you write that patriotism is bad. Why are you then tearing up your ass for Israel? Is it not patriotism? Or you work out the money.

You are absolutely right, as Mao was right: “fire must be fired at the Headquarters!” - where Judah sat down in the USSR. And air defense, no need to laugh, modern combat is a complex event of all kinds and types of troops, Israel has an invincible super-weapon (ZhDollar!) -The founders in the Kremlin and around the Kremlin, here are the maps of Russia, and if the Judas problem is solved and applied a complex blow by all means, then it will be clear why air defense needs to intercept what will take off -wind

Another, something or someone offended Russophobe, turned on his govnometo.

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Alien national disasters.

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"The day will come when for all the peoples among whom the Jews live, the question of their exile in total numbers will become a matter of life or death, health or a chronic illness, a peaceful life or an eternal social fever."
Franz Liszt

Jewish sages and Kabbalists recognize that the Jews are guilty of the evil in the world. For example, one of the editors of the Talmud Rabbi Avina bar Gouna (422-499 AD) said: “All disasters come into the world only because of the people of Israel”.

Vot I dedushka Gitler takzhe mechtal ....

And Medvedku-19, what is forgotten?
Then the Israeli army in a few hours made the entire Soviet air defense in the Bekaa Valley!
The data on the number of Soviet ichtamnets killed in the Bekaa Valley is still a secret to this day.

In today's Russia!

But however there is to take into account that Soviet specialists served the air defense system, then the number of victims among them must be particularly large.

And it should be considerable in view of the total Israeli removal of Soviet air defense in the Bekaa Valley.

And whose is she still something?

All Soviet air defense equipment, all service personnel are Soviet and guided and coordinated by the Soviet air defense system, deployed and planned for combat under Soviet instructions and instructions for the Soviet army!

Thus, in the Bekaa Valley, not a Syrian air defense was a bit, but a Soviet one!

Bekaa Valley - Operation "Medvedka 19" - is indicative in the sense of what happens when the technology of an adversary is simply steeper and the organization and training of personnel is even more incommensurable.
This, however, was a public demonstrative flogging not only of our entire military industrial complex, but also of the entire system of organization of the Soviet army!

However, it is still possible to read about the victory of the USSR and Syria in 1982 and about the unprecedented triumph of our weapons and about many dozens of shot down Israeli planes, and every year more and more of these shot down Israeli planes are over a hundred, and for others, even for hundreds, it turned out more than it was in the Israeli Air Force!

And as you start talking to Soviet patriots, about the defeat of the Soviet army in the course of Medvedka 19 in 1982, a volcano of shit begins to erupt!
Well, everything is in the style of "all the way" and about the concealment by Israel of its huge military losses and about the world Jewish plot to hide these losses and thereby discredit the "invincible" Soviet army.

Both Russia and Israel go to Syria as if by a minefield. Everyone perfectly understands that there can be no open confrontation between these countries by definition. Both states today are the cornerstones of the building of peace in the Middle East and any misunderstanding between them can lead to a global conflict. Hence the sober behavior of Moscow and Tel Aviv. The only thing that overshadowed mutual understanding was the stupid behavior of the Israeli Air Force, as a result of which the Russian plane was shot down with a dozen officers on board. I think that this incident will have a negative impact on Israel itself.

Alexander, the "high-tech" of Israel somehow helps to cope with the Arabs, and then if it does not go to lengthy ground operations (a second Lebanon will happen again for Israel). Well, with Russia your manufacturability will end within a day from the beginning of the strikes on your military targets. You are not able to intercept even the primitive missiles of the MLRS, and how are you going to repel the blows of hypersonic daggers?)))
Therefore, do not make people laugh by its manufacturability. After 3-4 hours after the start of strikes by Russia on the territory of Israel, there will not be a single airfield from which even single-engine piston aircraft can fly, and your nuclear warheads will sow the territory of former Israel with radioactivity for the next hundred years. Therefore, do not tell each other your Jewish tales about the end of Russia's presence in Syria, because if someone from your leadership tries to question it, then the question of the presence of the Jewish state on the BV map will be decided)))

Oh, touched evgeysky pride?

Alexander, no matter how smart Israel is, the one who has the most resources wins the war. What are the resources of microscopic Israel?

You fool, you will shoot down planes, along with bombs. Warned-armed!

And you try it! And this will be the end of Russia's presence in Syria. Do not Russia with one of the most high-tech armies in the world. Only fools can consider the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister to Putin a sign of weakness. Fool and suicide. Dozens of countries consider it an honor to deal with Israel, especially to host its prime minister. Sleep well, dear comrade! All the worst for you is over - you're in a coma!)))

We need to shoot down several planes before they drop the planning bomb and all the innuendoes are over. As soon as they get some Israeli plane, they will immediately scream, Netanyahu will urgently ask for a meeting with Putin, they will be culturally explained to him and the provocations, if they don’t stop, their number will fall sharply, and after the next time they will stop altogether. They love when they do not like when they are wet.

Syria is a great testing ground for testing modern weapons.
There is a negotiated war, and it is always in favor of the military-industrial complex!