Media: Kurds shot down a Turkish F-16 fighter?

Sources report a downed Turkish fighter.

A few hours ago, information appeared on social networks and a number of media that during the launch of the next series of air strikes by the Turkish Air Force, the Kurds were able to hit the Turkish Air Force fighter (presumably, we are talking about the F-16 - approx.ed.). Information on this subject was disseminated both by Kurdish military forces and by the Syrian, and no less surprisingly, indirectly even by the Turkish media.

According to the Syrian Democratic Forces, one of the Turkish Air Force fighters taking part in airstrikes was shot down. Information on this is confirmed by Syrian state television, as well as the Turkish news and news publication Anadolu, although very indirectly.

It is reported that during the shelling of a Turkish military aircraft, an outbreak was noticed, which may indicate the fact that several shells could at least damage the Turkish military aircraft. Nevertheless, if the fighter was really shot down, then, quite likely, there would be some evidence confirming this fact.

It should be noted that after the appearance of the Russian military in the north of Syria, Turkish military aircraft did not even approach the borders of the Arab Republic.