Media: the maneuver of the Su-35 almost led to disaster. Video

The maneuvers of the Russian Su-35 fighter nearly led to disaster.

The Russian information publication Lenta published a video recording of the flight of a Russian Su-35 fighter at high speed at low altitude. In fact, a combat aircraft maneuvered between buildings with 10-11 floors, creating not only discomfort for ordinary citizens, but almost provoked catastrophic consequences.

“A fourth-generation fighter, presumably a Su-35, flew over the houses of Khabarovskaya Street in Vladivostok, provoking disturbing thoughts among local residents that the war had begun, sergey.milvit writes on Instagram. There is also a video of maneuvers. “However, it does not seem that picketing can be considered heroism [probably, it meant diving - approx. “”] at low altitudes above residential buildings, it’s more like courage, and irresponsible, deserving at least disciplinary action, ”the user believes”, - informs the Russian edition.

So far, no official comments have been received from representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, while opinions among experts are divided - some say that the video is original, while others believe that it is about video editing.

We already know that we have the best pilots and are proud of them! But let it be better to hone their skills on Bandera or Pendos. That's why they fly, so that we have a quiet and peaceful place. If it was not an emergency or, let's understand the joke, intimidation of the "evil mother-in-law", then, excuse me, what thanks? Probably, I have pounded a bunch of windows in the winter and the ambulance has added work.

Well done, the Pilot remembered his service and presented how the passengers of the helicopter behaved, who wanted to stop my air station (based on the ZIL151), and I still have goosebumps, and during the incident, I was compressed and purposeful, HONOR AND PRAISED to such Flyers and only such people can fulfill everything and everything, Request, thank him on my behalf. For all his efforts in mastering the character, such a fast-moving machine of our time, and wish him to become an Astronaut and Astronaut, etc. .., well, people, what, fear is fear and not everyone can overcome it et, or just brave conquer the seas and Fifth Ocean, it is infinite (the space), etc ..