Media: an air battle took place over Stepanakert - air defense could not shoot down a single target

Russian journalists announced an air battle between the Azerbaijani Air Force and Artsakh Air Defense.

Russian military journalists published information that in the sky over the capital of the self-proclaimed republic there was a military clash of fighters of Azerbaijan (or Turkey) with the air defense means of the Artsakh army. According to the Russian military journalist Semyon Pegov, air defense systems were working very actively, however, judging by the lack of other information, not a single target was probably shot down like that.

On the presented video frames, you can really hear multiple breaks, which, according to journalists Wargonzo is the sound of air defense systems and strikes against the positions of the Artsakh army.

Nevertheless, experts doubted the presented arguments, noting that it was more about artillery cannonade than about air strikes or repelling enemy air attacks with air defense means.

“Single and obviously muffled explosions are most likely the echoes of cannon fire, and at a distance of several kilometers. There are no powerful explosions, no sound of anti-aircraft installations, the launch of anti-aircraft missiles - nothing at all resembling an enemy raid and repulsing such an attack. ", - the analyst notes, doubting the reliability of the data presented.

Moreover, according to the journalists of the Russian information publication ANNA News, we are talking about the explosions of shells in one of the destroyed military depots, but not about air combat.

“A military warehouse is on fire in Stepanakert. This is not a fight. The detonation of ammunition is just going on. Most likely, he was struck from a drone, or from an OTRK "- сообщает agency "ANNA News".