The media published a video of the destruction of the next "Pantsir-С1" "direct hit rocket"

It became known about the destruction of another ZRPK "Pantsir-S".

A few hours ago, the media reported that several hours later, after the deployment of the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile system, it was destroyed by a direct hit by a rocket. As a "proof" this video was presented.

As follows from the information provided by the forces supporting the Government of National Unity in Libya, it was here that the Pantsir-C1E air defense system (export version - approx. Ed.) Was destroyed, the complex, delivered a few hours before from the UAE, was destroyed by direct rocket hit.

On the presented video you can see that we are talking about two burned trucks that were previously actually seen in the photos with the complex "Pantsir-С1". However, after examining the video, the experts came to the conclusion that the data disseminated by the NEF are unlikely to prove the destruction of this ZRPK.

“In the video we can see only trucks with trailers, but the Pantsir-S complex could not be placed on them. It is possible that the trucks could transport ammunition for the Pantsir, but with the same success this video may turn out to be fake. ”, - the analyst notes.

A hat of some kind, an ordinary burnt tractor with an onboard semi-trailer, where is the armor here?

I know that on this democratic website my koment will not be published, but already 2 once you have laid out some sort of garbage for the news. installation and not watermelons on the market, which trailer?

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