Media: Israel hit with 400 kg warhead

A 400-kg strike was struck at Israel from the Gaza Strip. warhead.

For the first time, the Palestinians have used a 400-kilogram high-explosive fragmentation warhead against Israeli forces. According to data provided by the South Front, the attack was carried out in the area of ​​concentration of Israeli forces east of Khan Younis on May 15, 2021, while the warhead is said to have successfully penetrated Israeli air defenses and successfully struck Israeli forces, although no no facts have yet been presented on this score.

According to the materials, we are really talking about a huge warhead, which is launched at a target using a special upper stage, and, apparently, we are talking about a warhead from one of the Soviet tactical missile systems (according to a number of assumptions - R-17 Elbrus, however , information on this matter is not affected - ed.), although the Palestinians claim that this is their own development.

“On May 16, the al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, unveiled a new heavy improvised missile munition (IRAM) dubbed al-Qassim. The faction, which is the second largest militant in the Gaza Strip, reported that al-Qassim (IRAM) was used to strike an Israeli troop concentration east of Khan Younis on 15 May. The faction said the attack resulted in casualties. This information has not yet been confirmed. "- сообщает edition "South Front".

Experts note the weakening of attacks from both radical Palestinians and Israel, however, the conflict in the region is still ongoing.