Fighters F-15


Media: during the air strikes of the Israeli Air Force, Russian military personnel were killed

The Russian military could have been killed in the bombing by the Israeli Air Force.

Today, in a number of Western media and some Russian unofficial sources (, - ed.), Information appeared that during a night Israeli air strike on Syrian military bases, Russian servicemen could also have died ... It is reported that Russian military personnel could be engaged in joint security of Syrian bases, however, there is no official confirmation of this information from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation so far.


It should be clarified that on the night of April 29-30, several air strikes were launched against the Syrian military bases, in which Israeli fighters took part. As a result of the attack, about three dozen people died, and the pictures show that the military infrastructure facilities were almost completely destroyed.

The reasons why Russian and Syrian military did not use air defense assets and did not destroy the missiles, while they remain unknown, while it is reported that air strikes were inflicted from the territories adjacent to Syria.

Judging by the news, Israel acted clearly, destroying specific targets with precision weapons, and famously bypassing all missile defense. Indeed, a reason for pride for the citizens of Israel.

Question to you, doctor, how it happened that before the Jewish coup with the seizure of power and the murder of the Tsar with his family, in Russia there were mostly Russian doctors. Pirogov and Botkin, for example! And a whole galaxy of scientists of other different specialties. After this event, for two or three years, the professors' departments occupied the Jews and began to teach us! Why did not they become so sharp and where did they gain experience if they were not allowed to do these things before? In industrial production, they became engineers and supervisors. And they used the scientific and theoretical basis laid down even under the Tsar! Stalin's industrialization was carried out not by these home-grown impostors-Jews, but by hundreds of invited American engineers! The Jews only counted inches to millimeters in the drawings, and the Western guidebooks were translated and published under their surnames! And they continue to do this to this day, since they are not capable of really intellectual work, creativity! And for the benefit of the people of the country in which Jews live as professors, they will never work! We do not see the result today! They can not build a state in Russia, but only wear out what was created before them and without them! In this they are professionals and professors!

the power of the murderer of his people, the Jew is worse than death, but our president is friends and relatives

Bravo, Alex! Look at the root!

and such an asshole in Russia 95% when they Russian Muslims will end up cutting their throats hardly anyone in the world will already be sympathetic
this Russian cattle who is so thirsty for blood today.

the authorities steal, and we must shoot each other at his command. *** Synonymous with a parasite and no nationality.
parapazitas tariffs and trash-lyagovye rob
rhythmically and transfer the stolen profit abroad.

Jews, why you are not loved and cursed everywhere (and even raked all over the world with rags)? Maybe something is wrong in you?
And God forbid you will meet with us in Syria. What do you think, whose cause is right and who will win for whom?

There is a hunt for zh **, there is a hunt
mother predators .. for adults and children.
From the sofa dogs bark, they yell before vomiting ..
Kill ** yes, kill, kill, kill ...

Only we out of obedience came out
For the flags we can not drive back
And you can, bravely and menacingly
We curses from the sofa screaming

You shrink here, as Russia can not protect Syria, what kind of Jews are strong and stuff. Remember Georgia, remember. Why did NATO not protect Georgia? Israel, like other countries, will never cross the line drawn by Russia, for the Georgians also thought what they were and what the US is behind them.

It is you who are used to the fact that Russia can not answer anything, but now everything is different. This is Russia's army already by the side, will not save with-300, save the calibers. So, that the liquid also has to take into account the interests of Russia.

completely agree with you and these citizens also understand this, so warn before bombing, that would not cross the red line.

How many people have absolutely nothing to do. They sit here and comment on some unverified information. Wait for the summons to the military enlistment office, it will soon arrive)

So you will not believe, they think that we voted for him and that's why they counted the votes. And we, in fact, voted, yet against them. And they work out back because who will bomb their own butterflies. After all, their lave, just in the Israeli and other Yevhreyskiy banks. And who in his purse throws dynamite?

Expiring, it looks like you're shit, and the bladder is in your head instead of the brain. Jews are an ancient, wise people, but also in wise nations, it happens, borne by idiots. Go to the doctor, son, maybe he can help.

I do not know if Yura knows about this, but I think that you simply do not want to remember this page of your biography, that's why you do not tell. But nevertheless, it is good that at least you managed to regain the correct moral character.

Do not confuse ... Those intellectuals, Great People, Jews by nationality, Born and died in Russia !!! My professors, who taught me medicine, doctors from God ... They did not run after the silver coins in the Promised, they were DEAR AND DESIRED here ... Those artists like SASHA Rosenbaum, who was and will be OUR ... Russian Jew! They are about the fact that they are Jews, they will not say a single Russian ... They give us Joy and show how to love the Motherland ... God grant them all, OUR JEWS, health and long years !!! I ask you to distinguish them from those Ferrets that the USSR has nurtured on its head, and they only dream of Judas-Jews, like all Russian limes ... I'm glad that we have enough anti-Zhidov ... Hitler was not given, there are others. You have had time to pester everyone ... And Jerusalem will not be given to you! THIS WILL NOT SOLVE THE TRAMPLE, AND THE PEOPLE WHICH HAVE SACRED THERE ... and for you there is NOTHING HOLY! Sell ​​everything! The day and the hour will come ...

read your scribbling and funny. all so smart. even a fool is clear that everyone defends their interests, who is someone who is someone's interests of their state. and take out your vomit in the address of some nation of the participant in the conflict - not from the mind of the great, rather the opposite. you seem to live the wise men and do not understand why all the fuss is going on. MONEY! all are chasing money, and America and Israel and Russia. Syria is just a small change, a territory for clarifying the confrontation. continue to read more yellow press and television, you still will not tell the true essence of the conflict. forget healthy, grow smart and less vomit.

Alice, do not go too far. Your indulgence is based on the right of a strong (or rather strong ally, without detracting of course the merits of the state of Israel itself - all the same, mostly relying on the power of the ally) in the current situation. How many times in history such conceit led to collapse. Therefore, I suggest, even theoretically, not to try to argue that Jews can kill Russians with impunity. Believe me, this is in your best interest.

Alice, it's good that you are an internationalist. But one must understand the difference between statements on the topic of the same question: let's start with the fact that Israel was created with the filing of Stalin and the coordination of this issue with Britain and Germany (Hitler's). Hitler gave the go-ahead for emigration, and England provided the territory of Palestine. Soviet steamships got down to business, back in 1939. We wanted the best - creating a stronghold of "allies" in the Middle East and in the UN, it worked out as always, because the Rahdonite Jews, the primordial enemies of the Russian people, took over the reins of government (if you don’t like the heritage of the Slavs, read Sergei Alekseev "I know God")

Early rejoice, gentlemen-Jews! Wait, and we'll wait!

andrej-rezpekt.polnosto soglasen.hochu only add that in the RF of course a lot of problems, in particular that we have a small percentage of citizens who for a dime sell everything and vscha.takih luckily a little. all the pindos and the others who yelps Russia with a mountain stand for in Russia, mostly normal people and they understand that everything that is happening in the world under the control of normal people. And even if the Jews were bombed in Syria, they just allowed it. The red line is not broken yet, but if this trait is broken then fucking Jews, Pindos pedosaksam rest assured.

Gentlemen of Judeophobics, used to deal with several other Jews.
With those who heals them, teaches their children, entertains on the stage, and at the same time patiently demolishes insults, tolerates rudeness and does not give in to teeth if they deserve ..
Or maybe just all the offended gathered in Israel were not allowed and generally did not let go ..
And they still can not believe that they want Russia or not, they will have to negotiate and take into account the interests of Israel. Otherwise they will fly from the Middle East as a traffic jam ... and no S300, 400,500 will not help.
In the end, the cargo of 200 is not needed for us not Russia

How nice that you took the path of morality, Alisochka)

"Gentlemen" anti-Semites, there are many of you here, it is very cool for me to see how you - the heirs of mad Adolf and Yossi Stalin - are bleeding shit here about the unambiguous superiority of the Israeli Air Force over your shitheads in Syria. The last Iranian missile depot was bombed with glide bombs whose range was 110 km if dropped from a height of 10 km. This warehouse was located 80 km from your base in Khmeimim, covered with a "giant impenetrable bubble". The bladder appears to be urinary.

And the response is weak to send, the commander-in-chief does not have the guts

In Russia, for the population there are no bomb shelters! Think about it!

ditjako with Israel it is possible to act wisely, the finder has not been canceled yet, and if someone is injured this Libeman will not be able to see much

It is necessary to have a little yakat. but then all of us and we. but in fact we are in the ass.

Israel someday, but it will soon be seen.

Citizen, Oh, I can not laugh :))))) .....
Russia, will sell weapons to the Palestinians aha, yes, even in debt :)
Well, man! You are a strategist !!! A visionary what !!!! Well finally can! Oh, I can not;)))) The phrase of the day.
So I'm not selfish, schaa translate this pearl into Hebrew and share it with friends, let them also tear ...

Yura, but do you know why I will not tell you who is the majority working in the Israeli brothels and who, especially in 90 there was a force such .. that the poor few Israeli representatives of the oldest profession wept for the explosion, did not know what they were simply pushed out of the market .. It was necessary for them to be poor, to take the path of morality. And this happened not only in Israel, but in general around the world. ...
So I'm not going to tell you about this solely from the inherent upbringing and sense of tact ....

Palestine needs weapons to sell in debt. yes for more.

You know, even you go there, if you are not immortal ... So to send someone to the place where you will be 5 years later, and maybe even just silly. To all of us as a result to rot in the earth to the mother ...

This is because in Russia people are judged not by nationality, but by deeds. Russians as a mirror reflect who, in fact, are opponents ...

You'll swallow the dust.

Umnichka. Well attached. Respect

There are problems in the country, they are written and spoken about. At the same time, there are achievements. Do not throw your bile on your own failures in life. Russia will not bend before the west. Equal relations, yes, there is no force.

This is what leads to a tussle with Israel. They will sell anyone, remaining the most loyal ally. Or neutral.

The problem of the whole world is a cancer tumor called pindos (america. Now, if when the wave wipes out the whole of North America, the world will begin to dump on the ground. In the ass of all the Pindos, yes Russia is ripe.

Tuftu gonish.U musulman God Odin.i is not Jewish or Christian. UNITED! and God is all mankind and creation

You drive, Alice, you drive. You have dozens of mahons (brothels) in Israel, at least in each of them, 50% are Israeli women. This I know for sure, and the main contingent of ARABA customers, that's% - 90 !!! And each more less cute Israeli woman passes through herself a day from five to ten clients. Here also count Alice, as your fine half for money naturally. with the Arabs fucked. And do not talk anymore.

Your ancestors Alex, when Pilate was deciding the fate of our Lord Jesus Christ, barked like dogs: "His blood is on us and on our children ...", and therefore, until the end of the world, you will wash your face with blood and pour bitter tears, and Stalin and Hitler just a tool for punishment, maybe not even the last ...

The great Aristotle said - "The most vicious enemy of man is himself!" “The hatred of others is material. The reason for the hatred of others is in the very object of hatred. engineers of Jewish nationality. The very Stalin, whom you compared scum to Hitler, actually saved the Jews of the whole world from total annihilation! It was Stalin who initiated the creation of the State of Israel. It was Stalin who ordered to give the resort lands under the Jewish Autonomous Region with the capital Birobidzhan. It was Stalin who took care of the well-being of the great Russians. Jews - "Here are their names - Lev Landau. G.S. Landsberg, Yu.B. Khariton, Ya.B. Zeldovich, Samuil Marshak, V. Khodasevich, Lev Kassil, L. Utesov, etc., etc. These wonderful Russian Jews were known and loved by the whole country! And people like you are a bastard - and because of people like you - some Jews were called JIDES. But the fact that they were so called - they themselves are guilty because of their actions incompatible with the Russian mentality and because of scum like you. And I am proud of the Jew Joseph Kobzon and I hate the Jews - emigrants who poured slop into the USSR, and now to Russia

Well, I'm not a politician, that is, big-headed, but army girls ... straight figures are accurate! I would have raised the gene pool all night long, "polar" would correct everyone))), with a guarantee of 9 months)))

I know one of the devil of Art. Kazan in the Krasnodar Territory next to Kropotkin

There are Jews and there are Jews. My opinion of Jews must be destroyed at the root.

And how suddenly will it fly? Not yet evening. How many missiles do you think Hamas need to win? And the Arabs will correct the genephone for you. Do you want war with Russia? Oh, do not recommend "think and blow" under the "tail".

It is very sad that there are so many anti-Semites in Russia

Do you know what a great mistake Moses committed ?- ?? So, Lieberman said: what led to the wrong country, it was necessary somewhere between Italy and Switzerland! Perhaps things are bad with you, Lieberman is not a fool! Erase as if Israel did not turn into a desert!

Hey, you're Valdemore! If the NRF, then the United States seeks that we all go to the United States! And they would be slaves! So, put your tongue in the ASSEE, so that there will be less trouble! YOUR ISRAEL, SATANIC COUNTRY !!! KILLS NOT WINE PEOPLE, BY THE MOST, STILL UNDER THE USSR, PRAYED THAT ALL COUNTRIES HAVE DIED! YOU ARE THE WHOLE SECTOR !!! Who in you are bordered. Everyone is killed and the last is done !!! WHY WOULD YOU NOT STOP ANYTHING, AND THERE WILL NOT BE ANYTHING TO YOU !!! And YOUR BANKERS, ALL CLICK GIVES IN LOANS AT THIS, MAKE SIGN THE AGREEMENT ANITYCHEVOIC !!! You are the first shaytans of the world !!!

that's exactly it is necessary to bring down from there, and do not make cannon fodder from our boys, Putin has already shown who he really is!

One has only to take into account that Israel and Syria are somehow very close to each other and live in constant hostility. And what does Russia do there? Anyway, the Jews are young. To give all this scum an Arab, and not to kiss them like this makes GDP.

how naive you Victor, as a child!

Hey, guest, where are you going to run? To the Volga? So today the rocket flies in 10 times further, will get. Think before you give advice!

Hey, brothers Slavs! Since when is Syria your territory? So soon the whole world will be your territory. And you are offended when you give it to you. Happened, haguns, here and get on the snot!

Dear Alexander: As early as 80 years ago, I heard all your wishes. But what am I? These wishes Jews heard 3000 years ago from such as you in Egypt, in Asiria, in Greece, in Rome, in Byzantium, in Persia and so on and so forth. And all these well-wishers are now in the same place as Hitler and Stalin. And you will go there very soon. Be!

The Jews have not learned the whole lesson, they think they are docking in all their dashing deeds, but history is always right, that there will be more than once beats, those who are not even in the Middle East, and those who are howling about the oceans, all about their Judaism.

Ooty ways, what an aggressive guest! Apparently haw to healed)))

The impudent nation

I would die :) So after all do not reach the same: p
And about the destruction of us as a nation .. judging by you ... hmm, rather your degenerates ..
And I'm afraid your president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin .. you Krasotulya, hero, cool and proud of the nation, now would not approve ..
And if not at all to the mogote come to Israel .. if of course the visa will be given .. In the sun you will sunbathe, in the sea popleschishsya..avos polegchaet .. genofond again again popravish ..
Shalomchik you with a tail

Russia's air defense is a fake. Russians are beaten, why do not we answer? Some loud statements, blowing your cheeks, notes ..... And that's it!

That is, Alice, you consider this a normal practice, when everyone in the sovereign country does not lazy to send their military, plunder its resources, strike rocket strikes, and all this under the roof of amerikosia

I agree with you, but not completely. In Europe and in Pindosia, they do not believe that in fact. They believe that they write about this and say, passing misinformation through a sieve. We have little information about VoenProme, and looking at the pits on Russian roads and missiles on TV, I doubt a bit ?!

Die under the rocket of Hamas or Hezbollah, here's my addition! Few Hitler and you crushed you, Stalin, you Jews are a mean nation, it's not for nothing that they say that all the ills are from the Jews. Putin's turn to depress you, together with Iran, sooner or later, we will destroy you as a nation! And not # $ # $ to me here!

Andrew, great you guessed well, of course the climax, I'm old white torturing .. the same without it .. the old, terrible, gobbled and without teeth ..
And as for the Arabs .. then there is no excuse any Jewish woman in Israel, no one, no reason, under no circumstances, if she is conscious .. even close will not do
They already excuse women, several other nationalities ..
And that the evil .. it seemed to me, I just interestno, I am entertained ..

It's time to give them the ears! They just drank, almost spit in the face. Just like Judas!

Native blood does not allow you to go against your own.

With our boss, all the achievements in all areas are GRAVING and FALSE! The industry has all died down and individual samples of new equipment collected on laps and in garages are enough only for festive demonstrations, so there is virtually nothing to fight. All achievements are trolled by the special service of the FSB, the entire Hebbel propaganda works to maintain the spirit of the Jezpetriot.

Just need to shoot down an Israeli plane. And everyone will calm down right away.

Climax is draining? And they say the Jews have good medicine ... Or do not the Arabs use that you are evil?

Close your mouth, the little lumpy one.

Do not confuse Jews and Jews! These are two big differences

It is necessary for each dead Russian, cut in 20 pcs. those who are involved in their death!

URossia has always had two ally army and navy

I always follow international politics. I do not understand what happened in Karabakh at 1989, what do we need in Syria?

What are you talking about? GDP is already 6 years in office

citizens of Russia. Minister of Defense Lieberman made it clear. Complexes with 300 or 700 will turn into burnt scrap metal. Jesus was an apostate. But the Jews did not crucify him. You yourself had the experience of persecuting your own Russian people against the Old Believers.

So Jesus was also a Jew. Jews, Christians and Muslims have a common God and that Jewish one !!!

there is a saying-and-it-on-the-century-who-to-us-with-sword-come-from-sword-and-die-all-tale-all-under-one-heaven-go-and- love-neighbor-and-god-you-judge

We do not know how to shoot down missiles, then we need to leave Syria. Disgusted, we praise our own weapon, and the result of 0

And to beat Syria from the Caspian Sea, it's that, heroism.,.

therefore it is necessary to destroy airplanes of simim

Our military men are dying, the supreme power is silent. Why?
impunity is Israel, if our military perform an allied duty. And this is not the first time.

In vain my grandfather saved the Jews ..

If we answer even worse, it's better to scare the cartoons!

"He answered and said: I am sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (St. Matthew 15: 24). Are you a lost Jew in the sheep?

They did not understand, however, that even the leaders of the Third Reich recognized that the Russians were able to get rid of themselves! FILLED CLEARLY AND NEGLECTLY !!! IN THE MOST NOT APPROPRIATE MOMENT FOR THE ENEMY !!! AND WITH THE PIECE - NOT LOOKING AT THE LOSS OF OBTAINING YOUR OBJECTIVE !!!

Diman agrees with you, but not to blame and what to do?

I agree with Igoryukha

Forgive me, and here are the original, original, surplus and other surpluses, no one underestimates the merits of the brave warriors of the torah and the Talmud, in the fight against the wretched hordes of Egyptian-Syrian Muslims, assiduously supplied with shovels like wunderwolves. But you will not deny those famous feilies through which , The IDF also got into unpleasant situations. Therefore, it is not necessary to extol one and laugh at others. EVERY HITRY POPU CAN FIND BOLTS WITH A VERY GOOD THREAD. Believe me as a historian.

To all Shalom.
Fima, let the people get hurt, but what else should they do, they are offended ... They decided for some reason that they will save everyone and still make everyone happy ..
But it, it turned out to be nafig did not give up ... And we do not know how or how to wave it off.
And then people are constantly coming from us, and maybe not from us .. As Putin says their dear Vladimirovich-proof where, where the evidence, and they can not catch something, well, they can not.
You better tell me for such a candyball.
I've been puzzling over how this can be: If people believe that their God is the son of the Virgin Mary and she came from the tribe of Judah, from the clan of David; by the mother - and by the Father from the tribe of Aaron; Among her ancestors were the Old Testament patriarchs, high priests, rulers and kings of the Jews. Well, the Apostles, in the overwhelming majority, are also that, in the sense .. "not by the passport, but in the face." Why are they always so worried that the Jews killed a Jew?
And if they had not killed him, he would not have become a god then?
Especially for the goats: yes, the Jew was crucified, yes Hitler did not press us .. and in general no one added, but they drank the blood of Christian babies, and when the blood ran out, we drank all the water for you, and when the water was over, in Israel and no I will not shut up, because you are funny, if you forgot .. you can add

One Russian missile and no Israel. Simply Russia will not bomb on the Coffin of Christ.
It is necessary to expel these Jews from Israel

Put the trowel in the suitcase and go to your own place in the Rustam or Jamshut Mountains as they call you

You would have a story, blessed. When it's about the Russian Empire before 17. feet wiped ??

The Jews have always been stray sheep! Therefore they crucified our Jesus, who came to save them!

Tell me to be happy with patience? Well no. The guarantor of the Constitution of the Russian Federation must protect its people wherever they are and, especially, military personnel. Why promise something that is not fulfilled.

And forgot how you said that you lifted airplanes, it seems 2 with a nuclear warhead in six days. In my USSR at that time did not even think to do it.

Stupid from here and hamovat. Do not touch the Holy Martyr, if you do not cut in anything. Do not burden your destiny ...

A little nuance. The attack on Syria is caused by Israeli aircraft from the airspace of Jordan. This is not a typo - it's a fact. So where is the shame, and where is the glory? Do not make conclusions without knowing the main thing.

Israeli aircraft dealt a blow to Syria while in the airspace of Jordan. How it's called?
- heroism or meanness?

Russia in the Jews will not shoot, due to the fact that the Jews in Russia are in all positions and immediately report to their kagal about all the progress.

For some reason, no one discusses from the territory of which state (which country was Israel's fighter aircraft) was hit by Israeli aircraft? It's a shame to shoot on the territory of a neighbor while not over your territory ... Podlenko Jews ... Like cowards from under the tishka ...

Christ is a Jew ??? It is doubtful. The latest information about the nationality of Christ is contradictory. And Maybe he was a Jew, but not a Jew (((.

Rustam dude you're wrong. Read the fable Elephant and Moska?)) The strength of patience ...

correctly Iran wants the Jewish muzzles buried. Shamki stinky yap - they imagined themselves a military power. Uncle Vova is a liberal to mess around with everyone as small. I do not know what awaits? It's time to heat this coalition like kittens in a bucket.

The eternal policy of this people is to shoot around the corner, hit in the back from under the tishka, live off the 30 pieces of silver

Irina - we must not forget that these same Jews have turned against Jesus, the next God's messenger, as always - they are cursed.

Fima well, tell me who you think you are and your Israel? Who here is stupid so you otherwise wrote such nonsense, compared horseradish with a finger, say thank you to Stalin, or else you would still wander through the deserts.

Tolerance madam, when our do not kill. That's the comment and it is clear that the women have nothing to do in politics, the nose is everywhere. From them only one problem. Teresa May, Merkel and so on.

Could die, but could also aliens. The topic is thrown-you can not talk about anything. And one more woman in the market
said ..... need to discuss

The people from which Christ came out rule the world (America, Israel, Britain) and in the teeth they should get first.

Of course, no one needs war. In Syria, Russia decides its questions if it did not enter Syria, the oil would have been worth Xs. 12 bucks and not 72. That's why it sees the activity of America and Israel now, as expensive oil strengthens Russia

Let's take up arms. The Jews of Christ were killed. The Judicial Court sentenced Christ to be crucified. And now they're fucking boasting of their boast. The Jews will not mind if they are in Russia a little piss. If the decree of Peter 1 acted. Which forbade the entry of Jews in Russia. Then there was no Jewish state. And in the Arab world there would be peace.

On the side of Russia, God and Truth. Well, if we do not have allies, apparently have not grown up yet - we'll manage ourselves.

Dear Efim, who can write competently in Russian. How long have you become such a clever Israeli? Where did he run to Israel judging by the Russian language? Where was you born, who gave birth to you, and on whose land, to move to Israel? I suppose he studied Krylov's fables at school? So don't be a pig under an oak tree. How many of those from the former USSR are there in Israel? At least 30 percent. And it is unlikely that they are all as corrupt as you !!! It will be necessary and the desert will remain from Israel. Do not run up. Do not wake up the Russian bear.

I agree and the Iranians are far from our brothers, as in other things and the Arabs. Only here is the fucking mouth open in vain

And when the USSR let the legs wipe themselves off? Until 17y be healthy about lapotnaya Russia feet wiped moron monarchical

I read you and I laugh. you or stupid or idiots. in the same letter. where you ram against Israel)))))))

and what a difference he entered or not, he is now acting. and also has the right to resolve all issues

For our dead children, the military of Israel must respond with their own blood, but only military, civilians in Israel may not even know what the warriors are doing. We must once and for all discourage some states from attempting to encroach on the lives and health of our citizens.

Jesus Christ warned, he said, "What you sow, you'll reap!"
Sow the wind, reap a whirlwind.
The boomerang is already flying, but it will soon unfold .....

How much anger in the comments. Let's take on the Jews also. Do not forget that Christ was a Jew and a sin to brand this people. And in general, we Russians have always been tolerant, what has become of us? Do we really need the war in Syria?

For the primordially highly spiritual patriots, with tears dreaming of "destroying the damned Jews," I want to remind you that some have already tried. The Six Day War is called. For more than 10 (!) Years they were preparing, pumping weapons (including the vaunted air defense) and instructors and money to Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, and then they all attacked simultaneously. And the government in the USSR was then completely anti-Semitic, and the United States at the time of the attack was far away and did not interfere.

And the Jews took all for 3 days, so that Egypt did not have any aircraft, no tanks, and the Syrians in general, with horror, forgot who they are. Egypt and Syria were saved only by the UN, which persuaded Jews to stop beating (otherwise Israel was now the size of half of France). A few years later, the Jews two more times stood in the suburbs of Damascus - and again the United Nations only saved the Syrians-read the memoirs of the same thing as the pro-Russian Kedmi. And then several times the Jews loudly and demonstratively pulled them, and more times, so many times, and they will do it.

Takch that blow your own beard on the quiet in their primordial-lapotnye passage and crawl before the icons further.

sergey, it's bad that SS did not destroy your kind of choice ...

it's bad that ss nedokntsa decided the Jewish question in due time

otherwise about RUSSIA will soon begin to wipe their feet ...
They are already wiping it up, and we are only "expressing concern" ...

They have been doing this since 1917, naive.

Naive! We are the Jewish state, look something like an evening on the face in the TV. And how do you imagine that the younger bghat (that is, we) will punish the tricks of his staggering bhata from the promised land!

Football looks really 3-4% of the population, and for Syria, 20 times more people experience.

I'm not Russian, I'm Kazakh. But I'm ashamed of Russia ...

it's not there can not be any now, but then there's chmo2018

give only the World Cup soccer calmly, then all will get on mordasami.i those who like jackals surreptitiously launched a rocket on Syria, and those who sailors in the Black Sea seize, and those who destroy our soldiers destroy! merit!

Enough to hide behind the 2018 World Cup and cover our warriors with a shroud .. to put on the head and hands by the "chosen god" for the edification of others .. blood for blood. Death for death ... how much to endure
.Humanizm to others. it's a pain for us. Russia wake up

Russia is not fighting for Syria. Russia is finishing off IS, along with Assad. Our air defense in Syria to protect us there and nothing else! We do not need to respond to provocations if they are not directed against our military. YUSHA will still arrange provocations there, until the last European or Israeli. But you need to sell the S-300 by installments. Syria has something to pay off otherwise YUSHA would not have arranged another "controlled" chaos there.

Well, probably because Russian servicemen can not be among the Iranian troops by definition!

You are right, shame.

Enough of hysteria. Let's wait for the World Cup. This is a provocation! For the power it is insulting to them, a pancake! Would be pleased to our patience!

It's you who calm yourself down and come up with excuses. Just like our government. They are trying for the country, but for some reason they are their grandmothers.


We must urgently put in St. Petersburg S-300 and Iskander. the rest is a matter of time.

Masonic plot, unequivocally.

In war, as in war, no one canceled the desinfection. Let's not make hasty conclusions.

Israel is farther and not more worthy. It uses the fact that Russia will not become its peaceful inhabitants

Russia is miserable here where the dog is buried and this is the plan of the west

Truth is not needed anywhere, no one wants to hear the voice of reason, but it is necessary to respond to provocation so that the country does not lose face, otherwise it will soon start wiping its feet about RUSSIA ...

--- Just Russia is not only a tasty piece but also a bone in the throat of Western capital ---
Dima, what is the "bone in the throat" if Russia supplies the West with everything it can for nothing from the US Treasury? Yes, you need to pray for such a bone!

Russia fell out of Syria, how much can be disgraced. Malenky Israel mocking you, devils fucking

Where's your praised -If Russian servicemen die, -We'll answer in reverse? WHY DO NOT ANSWER ???

It's just that VVP has not yet officially entered office ... Will enter, then we'll see what happens to the "poor" Israel. Let them wait for a response.

In fact of the matter is that our interests are most there