Media: during the explosion in Nenoks, the radiation level was exceeded 150 million times

At the epicenter of the explosion in Nenoks, the level of radiation exceeded the norm by 150 thousand times.

According to the information provided by the resource "Newsader"as confirmed by a certain source, Rosatom specialists received radiation exposure 1000 times the lethal dose, which means that at the site of the explosion in Nenoks, the background radiation level at the time of the explosion exceeded the established norm in 20 μSv in 150 million times.

According to the data presented, one of the Rosatom employees received a radiation dose of 30 thousand gray (30 billion µSv), which is 150 million times higher than the established norm of 20 µSv.

It should be clarified that at the moment the radiation background in the Arkhangelsk region is normal, but before that, surges were recorded that exceeded the established standards by 16-20 times, moreover, in Severodvinsk, located several tens of kilometers from Nenoksa.

According to the official version of what happened, the explosion occurred while testing the power plant, but independent analysts do not exclude that we can talk about testing the Burevestnik cruise missile with a nuclear power plant or other Russian promising weapons.

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