Rosguard in Moscow


Media: Rosguard began to control quarantine in Moscow

The Russian Guard began to patrol Moscow and control strict quarantine.

The Russian newspaper Russian Planet reports that Rosguard units have begun monitoring compliance with quarantine measures by Moscow citizens. We are currently talking exclusively about elderly citizens, while the measures so far are exclusively advisory in nature.

“The Rosguard began to check the elderly in the streets of Moscow. Since March 26, they were ordered to stay at home in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The promotion called “Stay at home” is explanatory. The Rosgvardia stops elderly citizens, gives them memos with emergency phone numbers and asks them not to leave the apartment unnecessarily. ”- сообщает Russian edition of "Russian Planet".

Experts note that at present there is no reason for panic, although today the number of people infected with a new type of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in Russia is already more than a thousand people.

“Of course, the situation is very complicated, and it can be stated that it is only getting worse, however, given the fact that mortality is less than 0,4%, there is no real cause for concern”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that a number of informational resources used the patrolling by representatives of the Russian Guard as an attempt to explain the imminent closure of the capital to strict quarantine, however, this information is completely untrue.

Rosguard began to control hard quarantine. Who announced it? Self-isolation has been declared, recommended, there is no such term in any law, there is quarantine or emergency situations, and they are not in a hurry to introduce them. This is not official quarantine, and the recommendation to stay at home is no more.