Military base of Kamyshli


Media: Russia delivered the S-400 to the north of Syria and tracked the American F-35

Russia transported the S-400 to the Kamyshli air base and tracked the American F-35s.

According to foreign military information publications, the Russian military deployed additional air defense to northern Syria. We are talking about the S-400 systems, which made it possible to detect the American F-35.

“The maximum detection range of the S-400 air defense radar at the Khmeimim base is only 600 kilometers, which means that the Russian S-400 radar can only detect aircraft over most of the border between Iraq and Syria, but not over the border between Iraq and Iran . The most appropriate explanation is that the Russian Air Force sent the 96L6E radar, located at the Khmeimim air base, to the Kamyshli air base in the border region in northeastern Syria, which is only 100 kilometers from the Iraqi border. First, the airspace in northern Iraqi airspace will be in the hands of the Russian Ministry of Defense. If F-11A belonging to the US Air Force appeared in the northern Iraqi airspace near the Iranian border in the early hours of January 35, they were probably tracked by Russia. ”- сообщает information publication "Sohu."

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Minister did report that Russian air defenses were able to detect several fifth-generation F-35 fighters near the Iranian border, which appeared here only a few hours after the rocket fire on American military bases in Iraq.

Given the Russian S-400’s target detection range, these air defense systems could indeed detect six F-35 fighters near Iran’s borders.