Bomber B-52


Media: Russia almost shot down an American bomber near the borders of Syria

Media reports of an incident with an American bomber off the borders of Syria.

According to the Sina news publication, a mysterious incident occurred near the borders of Syria, according to which the American strategic bomber B-52H came very close to the Russian military base, as a result of which the crew received a warning from the Russian military that they were ready to open fire. The F-16 fighter of the US Air Force was also to be hit.

“It is reported that the Russian army’s ground radar deployed at the Khmeimim base detected a B-52H bomber approaching, and then the C-400 anti-aircraft missile system activated the fire control radar and captured the B-52H bomber with readiness to open fire. At the same time, the Russian military sent an emergency warning to the crew of the American bomber on an open channel, stating that the planes had entered the zone of Russian military control - if they could not immediately leave to return to the safe zone, the Russian military would launch missiles so that knock down. Having heard the warning from the Russian side, the crew of the B-52H bomber immediately left the airspace near the borders of Syria ", - the newspaper reports.

Earlier, it was actually reported that the American strategic bomber was found near the borders of Syria, but information about the incident did not appear anywhere.

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