Media: Russia deployed the most powerful electronic warfare systems in Armenia - drone losses become record

Azerbaijan and Turkey lost several dozen drones on the territory of Armenia and NKR in a day - they were shot down by only one Russian complex.

According to Russian news agencies, on the territory of Armenia, and it is most likely an airbase in Gyumri, the Russian Krasukha-4 electronic warfare (REP) complexes have been deployed and put on alert. These conclusions are based on the disruption of the GPS equipment, as well as against the background of the fact that in just a day Azerbaijan and Turkey lost several dozen shock and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles in this region.

“Russian military sources and mass media report that multifunctional mobile electronic suppression systems 1RL257“ Krasukha-4 ”have already been delivered to the territory of Armenia. These are the latest and most advanced electronic warfare systems, or more correctly, electronic warfare systems, which are at the disposal of the Russian Armed Forces. Russia deployed the Krasukha-4 complexes at the Khmeimim base in Syria in 2015. Since then, according to the Russians, they have been contactlessly “shooting down” jihadist drones, and in 2018 helped repel a massive attack by US Tomahawk cruise missiles. If this is true, and so far no one denies this, then the Krasukha-4 complexes should already be located at the Gyumri base in Armenia. The family of Russian complexes "Krasukha" was originally developed to protect the territory of military bases and important industrial facilities from enemy aerial and space reconnaissance. However, the Russians found this development also useful in countering drones. "- сообщает Russian information publication "Reporter".

Earlier it was reported that some unknown, but at the same time, a sufficiently powerful electronic suppression system was deployed on the territory of Armenia, however, at the same time, there are no facts to assert that we are talking about the Russian complex so far. Nevertheless, on the other hand, Russia could well ensure the protection of Armenia as a CSTO member state, but at the same time not intervene in the conflict on the territory of Karabakh, since the Russian side does not recognize the existence of the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

The level of military technology is determined by the SCIENTIFIC BASE of the country and its skilled workers. At the time of the development of most of the "devices" that are still relevant today, the USSR fully met these requirements. On the basis of the developments of the USSR, new samples are being finalized, taking into account the modern components available now - The result, as we can see, is not bad :)!

I assure you that every step is calculated. And these sacrifices are indicative, so that everyone understands what they are doing wrong, going against Russia.

Lies and provocation. We have there record losses in armor and C300, and soon they will stop buying our weapons.

The level of military technology is determined by the level of technological development of industry (it is one thing to invent something, and another to put it into a serial production). Does anyone seriously think that we are technologically ahead of the states? Unfortunately, we have a lot of jingoistic patriots who do not remember, and young people have not seen the film of 1939 - "If tomorrow is war". And in life there was 1941 ...

What does America have to do with it? Here Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia. It's good to quilted, they'd write about NATO at the border :)

In Yugoslavia, they shot down "Stealth" not just an air defense system, but shot down with the help of the "Kvadrat" air defense system developed in 1965 ... "Tomogavk" is the "long arm" of the Pentagon for countries that are potentially weaker and not so much, but are at the same time the sphere of US interests. The thing is very technological and dangerous for those who do not have echeloned air defense.

So then the Tomahawks did not really hit anything and did not particularly harm.
You just need to understand for a long time - the American War Machine is a Fake. One big Fake hyped across Hollywood.
But in reality, the Americans can only fight with some kind of backward tribes.
By the way, let me remind you back in the 90s in Yugoslavia, an American fake was first exposed by shooting down their stealth plane :)

From what people? From Indian ?!))))

59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired at the Syrian airbase in the province of Homs. Of the 59 missiles, only 23 missiles reached the airbase ... The US military recorded an "inexplicable" shutdown of cruise missile guidance systems
and moreover, "inclusion" on other coordinates.

An accurate positioning point is required for navigation, which cannot be set by "artificial intelligence". only through positioning systems. Yes, the "tomahawks" have a duplicate system for the terrain and satellites. but then it allows you to select and hold the height and approximate direction, the accuracy of the guidance is uncertain. So "Bayraktar" is a good car, but it cannot be invulnerable. By the way, if, nevertheless, the UAV returns to the base, then the task is completed anyway - it could not cause damage.

Oh, these fairy tales ..... Reflected Tomahawks .... In kindergarten, tell

Justify your statement pliz. Unable to work against the Bayraktars - why?

In general, Russia has a border with Azerbaijan, and not with Armenia, and President Pashinyan is there about the American one.

Zhirik spoke correctly about the causes of the conflict. He also talked about the attitude towards such conflicts during the time of the king. If Russia did not stand on either side, then they equally filled both sides with a weapon. First, it is beneficial. Secondly, it stops the conflict, because losses become unacceptable and front advances insignificant.
Krasava is Zhirik.

Gentlemen, now they just helped to build the echelonized defense correctly, they could not look at the poor qualifications of the military of the neighboring state. And the Turks somehow do not comment on the loss of their "super" drones, as they praised

You will not help you at all. You have betrayed Russia and the Russian people. And Putin is helping you, but he is not Russia ...

So you have already helped us by ousting Russians from Armenia, closing Russian schools and Orthodox churches. Putting up a monument to the fascist Dashnak who killed Russians. I bow to you from all our people.

Pashinyan should have understood that Soros would not help ... but ordinary people always suffer, alas ... painful ...

Everything is done correctly! They waited for the moment and showed the opportunity! While the whole world was discussing the Turkish drone, a kind of advertising campaign, ours were preparing their own advertising campaign, and it turned out, they fell like peas. + The Armenian leadership was shown who is the boss!

This is not our territory, and we should not establish "order" there. The article explains everything, for Karabakh let those who seized it die.

And why were the complexes included at all? The war is not waged by Russia.

All the coast of the Black Sea are only Armenians. How many of them went to defend their homeland? You have a business, and Russian soldiers have to save the Armenians again and again?

TB-2 is a new generation. When a radio electronic attack, he returns to base using artificial intelligence with cameras. Don't lie to people.

In addition to the advertised "Krasukha-4", there are many ways to combat UAVs, and developed Russia, the United States, they will undoubtedly be found. Craft drones are one thing. the factory ones are a little different, but I did not observe the guideline document on the permissible "UAV losses" ..) There is, for example, "Krasukha-2", as "4" it suppresses the radar activity, so it will probably be problematic to aim a Shrike-type missile. And there is also the Khibiny in the Russian Army, which distorts the radio signal; there is the Rtut-BM electronic warfare system to fight not with communication lines, but with guided weapons. SO THERE ARE NO LIES HERE - this is all possible for the Russian army (but no one else). All the high-profile successes of Bayraktar are either inactive radar and air defense systems not brought into combat, or typical negligence of local personnel.

Pashinyan prays to Trump, why doesn't he ask for protection, huh?

Our officials, as always, ride on the handbrake. Why late ignition in their head?

And how do you know the performance characteristics of systems?

How many packs of people have been killed, madam? And why should Russia restore order? Your husband or sons will be sent to "put things in order", and there they will be killed by those who create disorder. What comments will you write? Go cook the porridge better

Say thank you for helping in general. After they jumped with American flags on the streets of Yerevan, spat in the direction of Russia and elected Pashinyan's “little soro”, you need to turn to the Soros Foundation for help.
History does not seem to teach anything. Both Armenia and Georgia can exist only with Russia. Otherwise, it will inevitably be absorbed by Turkey. The Turks have almost wrested Adjara from Georgia. Apparently, like hundreds of years ago, one must ask to go to Russia. Until it's not too late. Ask for forgiveness for turning away from Russia when it was difficult for her and asking back. Russia is good-will forgive and save.

A question for Pashinyan and his policies over the past year and a half. How he changed intelligence generals, how he drove to the EU and the USA to resolve issues, turning his back on the Russian Federation, how he curtailed all military cooperation with the Russian Federation over the past year through the special services

This is due to Pashinyan himself. And the vile-minded Armenians who shouted Russia out. In other words, a public whipping. But when, apparently, Pashinyan realized that the war would come, ask for bread, he apologized and changed his rhetoric. So the rubella has grown.

Better ask why Armenia itself has not recognized the NKR yet.

Another lie, allegedly until now there were other "rubella" Russian electronic warfare systems are not able to work with bayraktar. The loss of UAVs is about 15-25%, which is considered the norm when hostilities are introduced.

Yes, the question is: why didn't they help before? so many people died because of these drones. Order should be established in the zone of your interests, and not sit and watch how people are being killed in batches, even if not your citizens.

Where have you been before? That they did not turn on until everyone was killed ...

Thank you Russia, I'm sure the moment will come, at least with something, but we will help.