Rocket of the Stormy Petrel


Media: Russian super-rocket "Petrel" is designed for "stupid" and unsuitable for war

The media announced the unsuitability of a Russian missile with a nuclear power plant for warfare.

Despite the fact that according to some reports, the Russian Burevestnik hypersonic cruise missile equipped with a nuclear power plant will be put into service within the next 5-6 years, the Russian media have declared that this missile is completely unsuitable for warfare.

“Once the Petrel is spotted on the way to the target, it will be relatively easy to shoot down, because, according to current estimates, the rocket has a subsonic flight speed. If there is an interceptor in the air, then under favorable conditions, he will be able to dump the Petrel with a burst of airborne guns as an educational target. It is also impossible to exclude the possibility of accidental detection of a missile in flight by some URO frigate, an airplane, or standing on duty of an air defense system ”, says the publicationMilitary Review».

According to the author, the Petrel missile is designed for the enemy to be stupid and wait until the missile hits.

“The bet that the enemy will be impenetrably stupid, in my opinion, is extremely unreliable in principle, and it’s hard to call anything other than recklessness to develop a“ dumb ”tactic for such tactics. Nevertheless, the tactical use of a new type of weapon should take into account a smart opponent and all his possible countermeasures- reported in the material.

How objective such an opinion is is unknown, but experts pay attention to the fact that, according to some reports, the 9M730 rocket is hypersonic, which will significantly complicate its detection, and therefore the process of its destruction.