Military in Syria


Media: the incident between Russian and American military in northern Syria ended in a shootout

Media reports of a shootout between Russian and US military in Syria.

Amid growing tension in skirmishes between Russian and American military forces in Syria, according to media reports, a shootout occurred. At the moment, there are no photos and videos from the scene, however, the Pentagon commented on such an “incident”.

““ We have made clear to other countries and forces that are in the region where our forces are located. We work through conflict prevention channels to ensure that there is no misunderstanding, no accidental clashes. We continue to do this, ”said Hoffman, answering the question if he can confirm the fact of the shootout that allegedly occurred between the Russian and American military. “I have no information about what you call a“ shootout. " I can only say that we are located where we were, and they know where we are, ”the representative of the department added., - quotes the words of Hoffman, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

It should be clarified that earlier the Syrian Kurdish media repeatedly reported that the skirmishes between the Russian and American military were accompanied by shooting, but, obviously, we can talk about trying to prevent more serious clashes, if the information on this subject is not far-fetched.

I recommend the author a more reliable source - FAN:
"... On the Web, the well-known opposition organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) launched a fake about the alleged conflict"