Media: Russian ships opened fire on NATO ships heading for Crimea

Russian ships did not allow NATO ships to approach Crimea.

NATO ships, trying to approach the territorial waters of Crimea, unexpectedly received a harsh warning from the Russian Navy - the firing that began did not allow the ships of the military alliance even to approach the Russian borders, and this is one of the harshest reactions from Russia to provocative and in fact aggressive actions NATO.

“Five NATO ships led by the destroyer Porter and the P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine reconnaissance patrol aircraft conducted exercises in the Black Sea. A report from the US 6th Fleet says the ships were engaged in tactical maneuvering and practicing air defense scenarios. The corvette BGS Reshitelni from Bulgaria, the frigate ROS Regina Maria from Romania, and the corvette TCG Kinaliada (F-514) from Turkey. The Russian military has established about a dozen zones, closed until the end of June due to the exercise. Corresponding NOTAM messages about dangerous areas for flying appeared on the US government website DINS. This concerned both neutral waters near Sevastopol and the southern coast of Crimea, and the northwestern part of the Black Sea ", - about it сообщает the publication "EA Daily", stressing that foreign warships were met by the Russian fleet with gunfire.

It should be noted that it was not without excesses, in particular, the Bulgarian corvette almost violated Russian territorial waters at all - only the Russian military could stop it, warning of a possible violation and subsequent reaction from Russia, after which the ship of a member country NATO immediately turned around and went in the opposite direction - at the moment it is not known whether this incident was an accident, or whether NATO really tried to unnoticed and penetrate the territorial waters of Russia.

Yes, come on, we are from Siberia, if we pull ourselves up like in 41st, we will fix it for you, liberation.

Victor, it is enough that it is spelled out in the Constitution. But if the law is not written for you ... Secondly, the world began to live before your birth and Crimea was part of the Russian Empire, was the founder of the USSR, was a part of the RSFSR until Khrushchev transferred it to Ukraine. But there really is no law according to which Ukraine left the USSR.

I really want to fight on the couch. You should undergo medical treatment ...

finally, the presumptuous insolent people were given a worthy rebuff

Ukrainian gas ?? Oh, they made me laugh .. don't joke like that anymore ..

The military has only bone marrow, which, apart from orders, should not think about anything !!!

There is a law. But you do not read any agreements or laws.

Yes, call them even as captured, transferred or betrayed by Ukraine, there are many options sold. but in fact it is now the territorial waters of the Russian Federation. therefore, no one should go there without an invitation.

and you teach history, friend, Crimea has always been Russian. And not as Khokhlovsky. You were given to use it, say thank you and forget.

If you remember the apocalyptic dragon, look at the map of the Japanese archipelago. Here he is, chained by nuclear explosions. This dragon, according to Revelation, came out of the dungeon, unleashing a war with our Empire in nine hundred and five, and thus initiating all the wars of the twentieth century. But people should be pitied and the nuclear catastrophe is terrible and God forbid that would happen again. Peace as the most peaceful country teaches everyone

The Bulgarians have never been our allies. So - temporary comrades. Both world wars fought against us, that's all fraternization.

... but it could be passed into the water area, blocked and driven deeper, then disarmed under the trunks and grabbed for yourself - to see what was interesting for the former brother of the new allies for interaction ...

You were a poor student at school? It's a shame not to know the history of the Russian state!

NATO would try to joke with China in this way. And no one in the world takes the Putin & Co company seriously. The frequency of such provocations will increase, and there is no doubt about that.

Crimea is the last thing the Russians will surrender don't even hope

Before Khrushchev, from the time of Catherine II, Crimea was part of the Russian Empire, then into the RSFSR.
And especially for those punched like you: Federal Constitutional Law of 21.03.2014/6/04.04.2020 N XNUMX-FKZ (as amended on XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX) "On the acceptance of the Republic of Crimea into the Russian Federation and the formation of new subjects within the Russian Federation - the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol "

There is censorship on the site in violation of the law. Lawlessness.

Only now I realized what he was saying in the film))

Boy teach history - I was born in Crimea and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea RSFSR is written in the birth certificate May 1949

Sevastopol is known for its rowing: Turks, British, French, and Germans were raking there ...

You are very much mistaken. Learn history. So it is so, but in reality it is completely different

There were already such Poles, Napoleon and Hitler from all over Europe. Well, we'll calm Samson with a straitjacket.

They could, but for some reason they did not open it. Think why.

Where there are border guards of the Russian Federation there is a territorial zone. In the Crimea, we see this from the patrol boats.

During the existence of the Russian Federation, Crimea was not part of it. And now it is not included, since there is no law according to which the territory of Crimea became part of the Russian Federation.

Yes, Russia captured Crimea in 1783 and since then it has been an integral part of Russia

Come on, we’re waiting for you.

Ukraine is 25 years old, and has already lost so much ... it's funny

Crimea has always been a Russian territory. It's just that for some time it was occupied by OCG "OKRAINA"

And NATO could easily and quite legally organize firing in the exclusive economic zone of Ukraine, where on the shelf, near Odessa, the Russian Federation steals Ukrainian gas using the drilling platforms purchased by Ukraine, stolen by RFey in the Kherson region in 2014.

Then you have to get to Moscow, liberate the Kremlin from the Nazis

Bulgarians are former "allies", "brothers" ...

The best form of talking to them is with fluent fire!

What are the captured? As far as I know, Crimea has always been Russian.

learn history, Andrey

There are no pity for their military enemies. Our enemies serve in NATO!

Better think about your family. And think about whether they will care so much about your health from the other side. All troubles are from pacifists. The more they are afraid, the less crap they will.

Do not tell the horseshoes to the horse Julia. The ship's large KB-3 explosive mass is 230 kg, a quarter of a ton of explosives is no joke for a modern ship. Have you ever seen the consequences of detonating 36 kg of Amonite?

There is a sign on the power transmission line: "do not climb, he will kill!" But they climb ...

Do not cry for Bulgaria, she has always fought against us.

Kolya, don't tear your heart! In this case, you need to sit at home and not swim (walk) where you do not need ...

Such provocations must not be let down on the enemy.

German! Where did you get all this? Echo of War!

I would like to know where you saw the territorial waters of the Russian Federation in Crimea. Captured, yes.

The captain of the ship should think about this - he is responsible for the lives of his subordinates.
For us, they are violators and, who knows, maybe even enemies. Everyone knows how to deal with enemies.

Russia has only two allies: Army and Navy

Those who gave the order are responsible for the lives of violators. So don't worry ...

The first to think about the one who goes to violate the border. Then everything will be fine!

Are there adequate ones in the comments? Who's offering to shoot to kill? Do you really not understand that in the case of the Third World War, nothing but ashes will remain from you?

You. How old is Nikolai? In your understanding of military policy, you are a kindergarten with straps.

Are these "brothers" Bulgarians so impudent ?. Oh well. How many times has Russia saved and helped you, for "lice" then you want to check? NATO flag in your hands! Make no mistake.
Today is a memorable day. Hiroshima. Nuclear bombing of Japan, just the people of this country have become a bargaining chip for the sake of showing off the "coolness" of the United States. Cynicism is off the charts, the killer's plane bore the name of his mother.
Someone doubts that Russia in the imposed confrontation will be a lamb? I hope there is no worse. But the first "heroes", posthumously, will be daring "friends".

An absolutely correct decision, impudence must be nipped in the bud.


They didn’t come to us to drink tea, you’ll think a few dozen NATO members will fall in. That’s where they are dear.

No need to go into someone else's garden !!!

It is possible and necessary. To come with a sword, he will die from the sword. They do not consider us people, why should we feel sorry for them. No Russia - no planet Earth. No other is given.

You are our pitiful. What should they work out at our borders? Let them learn from their own. They felt sorry for many. Cry some more.

More logical in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nikolay, first of all, the commander of the ship should have the brains and responsibility for the commands given, he should be aware of the consequences of fulfilling his order. If we think for the enemy commander, it is better to merge everything with the enemies and indulge ourselves how humane I am ... You cannot be humane with an enemy - he is an enemy !!! If you don't want trouble, don't go into someone else's garden. Somehow for me ...

Nobody called these people to us

I have vague doubts ... It turns out that we did not receive money for Alaska. So he can sell it to the Chinese: let them butt for the Arctic shelf!

They would love to kill us. So, as it comes around, so respond. If we have to kill, we will kill !!!

You can safely release mines from the bottom and if someone blows up, then say that it was from the time of 1941-45 accidentally surfaced

Where are the gypsies going? Well, the brothers have grown bolder.

You can't! Iron is not a pity, but people are very alive. If ammunition detonates, half of them are corpses. Think when you call to kill people!

And so it is necessary to meet NATO hawks everywhere. Maybe they will understand that you should not show your teeth with us, otherwise you can lose them. The Barents Sea is not a game for NATO idiots.

..... and after a NATO member runs into a mine, you can even be the first to help rescue sailors. Well, in general, about the same as the house manager performed by Misha Galustyan: - "Ayya-yay! Wow ?! And hto-o-o did it ?! Wow ?! What a nuisance."

No need to warn anyone. We must wait when they cross the border and destroy.

Not a bad offer, of course, but a WWII-era mine cannot sink a modern ship, only damage it.

Occasionally, on the shores of the Black Sea, after a storm, floating and deep mines of the 2nd World War are discovered. Can't one of these mines accidentally end up under the side of a NATO ship as they approach our borders? Indeed, in this case, no one will be to blame for the fact that NATO ships will go to the bottom. The consequences of the last war, however.

It is necessary to conduct exercises with the conduct of combat launches of "Caliber" towards the coast of a NATO member country. Demonstrating the accuracy of hitting the target. Set targets at a distance from the water area of ​​the country, in the immediate vicinity.

When will the exercises of the RUSSIAN fleet begin off the coast of RUSSIAN ALASKA, Florida, both from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans?

Let them swim in international waters, but you shouldn't climb into our territory! NATO-WE DO NOT NEED!

Very correct actions to prevent villainy.

It is a pity that they did not accidentally damage the Bulgarian corvette, because there are mistakes, you can apologize for your mistakes. It is possible to practice electronic weapons, electronic warfare, electronic warfare during such exercises ...