Media: Russian C-400 proved unsuitable for hitting targets over Poland

Russian S-400 air defense systems were unsuitable for hitting targets over Poland.

Regarding the Russian S-400 air defense systems, new, very unexpected circumstances have opened up. So, according to the information of the Russian edition of Military Review, citing information in the Polish media, the domestic S-400 Triumph air defense systems were unsuitable for hitting aerodynamic targets in airspace over most of Poland's airspace.

The arguments of the Polish media are primarily due to the fact that the entire western part of Poland is covered by hills from the east, and provided that the Russian C-400 are located outside the territory of Belarus, these systems will not be able to control aircraft due to such a phenomenon as curvature of the earth.

Nevertheless, analysts draw attention to the fact that the deployment of Russian C-400 in the Kaliningrad region completely smooths out such negative aspects of the air defense / missile defense systems, which provides maximum control over any movement of military aircraft.

“Poland considers only the negative side of the Russian S-400, completely forgetting that we are talking about a system that can integrate with other radars and air defense / missile defense systems. Today, Russia successfully controls the airspace over most of Europe and can calmly eliminate any threats ”, - said the analyst

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Indeed, in the northern part of Poland, the relief, near the hills, limits the detection range of low-flying airborne missiles (10-50м) and this is significant in the event of a surprise strike, but the preparation of such a strike is never sudden, firstly, secondly, when constructing air reconnaissance systems goals always take into account the features of the relief, especially if they classify certain areas as dangerous.

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another rubbish from domestic liberals about the "inefficiency" of our C-400, citing the opinion of the Poles. Psheks, the state vassals, as always, wishful thinking. And the real effectiveness of C-400 is confirmed by the practice of use in Syria. And this is a fact !!!

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Fuck you. An airplane approaches close invisible behind an elevation, makes a hill, launches missiles, and goes down behind a radio horizon. K-30 does not have time for kilometers at 300. Maneuver time is shorter than an air defense missile system to hold, launch, and a missile to reach a target.

Rave. C-400 does not work with satellites. But Patriot, yes, it works.

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Air defense officers have the notion of a “guaranteed defeat zone. This is part of the total defeat zone, when a target is in it, its (target) defeat is ensured for any type of maneuver. Elevations will cause the Polish airplane to fly higher and immediately fall under destruction.

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All this is a lie. Our C-400, see both the hills and mountains, because the tracking system is directly connected to satellites. The Poles, as always, want to bring down the price of our air defense so that they can buy Petriot from the USA. But Petriot has already shown himself in Saudi Arabia as incapable of confronting drones.

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