Media: did the Russian An-124 deliver the Pantsir or S-400 air defense missile systems to Serbia? It turned out that no

The Russian An-124 that appeared over Serbia caused a lot of questions.

A statement made the day before by the Serbian side that this country intends to acquire Russian C-400, and recent information about the sale of Serbia by Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems, as well as the appearance in the skies of Serbia of the Russian An-124 heavy military transport aircraft, led experts to believe that the supply of these weapons to a country located in the center The EU has already begun.

Twitter user accountManu gomez"Published the moment of the flight of the Russian An-124 to Belgrade, in connection with which, it was concluded that the Russian air defense / missile defense systems had already gone to this country.

Nevertheless, such conclusions are erroneous, since we are talking about the delivery to Belgrade of four Mi-35M helicopters within the framework of a contract previously concluded with Moscow.

These combat helicopters are quite attractive to Serbia, due to their high efficiency in combat, as well as the demonstration of excellent results during combat operations in Syria. Moreover, at a relatively low cost, the Russian Mi-35 has virtually no competitors.

It is noteworthy that the erroneous conclusion about the supply of Russian “Shells” and C-400 to Serbia was made after the statement that Belgrade still intends to buy Russian air defense / missile defense systems.