Media: Russian fighter knocked out an American drone over Syria

The media reported on an American drone shot down by a Russian fighter jet over Syria.

Russian media reported that a Russian Aerospace Forces fighter destroyed an American military unmanned aerial vehicle over Syria. The incident allegedly took place at the end of May, and the main reason for this was the lack of coordination of a certain military operation by the American military in the territory controlled by the Russian and Syrian troops.

“An American drone was destroyed in the skies over Syria after being hit by a Russian fighter jet. It is assumed that the UAV was provided by Washington to one of the local terrorist groups. While the United States was distracted by the situation in Iran, the Russian Aerospace Forces managed to assess the real situation in the region. Shortly before this, the Russian military successfully launched an operation in Idlib, confronting the militants, but this continued until the American side intervened. These drones are providing significant assistance to the Syrian rebels. In addition, it has been established that such drones are capable of endangering fighters, making them dangerous for the Russian military. "- приводит data edition "Actual news".

Previously, such information did appear, and in the Arab media, however, neither the Russian nor the American sides comment on this data, which raises some doubts as to whether such an incident was in fact or is far-fetched.

It should be noted that American drones quite often appear over northern Syria, in the airspace over territories controlled by the SAA and Russia, however, according to a number of sources, such flights are often coordinated.