Saudi Arabia strike


Media: Saudi Arabia hides the true consequences of a Hussite strike on the country's oil industry

Saudi Arabia will eliminate the consequences of a Hussite strike only after months.

The attack of the Yemeni rebels against oil refineries in Saudi Arabia using cruise missiles and drones turned out to be disastrous, and despite the official statement of Riyadh that the consequences of the attack can be eliminated within 10 weeks, experts believe that in reality, they can take many months.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the cost of rebuilding infrastructure alone could cost Saudi Aramco hundreds of millions of dollars, while total damage is already estimated at 8-11 billion, while the ongoing escalation of the situation could lead to to new attacks, from which, Saudi Arabia simply has no protection.

Edition ""Reports that Saudi Aramco plans to conduct an initial sale of shares, however, the task may be very difficult to implement due to continued threats from the Yemeni rebels, who initially proposed to Riyadh to stop bilateral destructive actions, but only for the last three days, Saudi Arabia inflicted at least 50 air strikes on Yemen