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Media: serial production of the Su-57 under threat of disruption

Russia cannot yet ensure the production of fifth generation fighters.

Despite promises that two fifth-generation Su-2020 fighters will enter service with the Russian Aerospace Forces in 57, it became known that the serial production of these combat aircraft was in danger of disruption - the enterprise was not ready to fulfill the state order and we are not talking about the first "mass deliveries" of the Su-57 so far.

“Serial production of Su-57 fighters at the Yuri Gagarin Aviation Plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur is facing problems. So, at the initial stage, "bottlenecks" were identified - areas for assembling the bow and under-cockpit compartments, assembling the fuselage, alignment and delivery of the product. To solve this problem, the docking ramps were modernized, the design of the boules was changed, and additional equipment was introduced for air intakes and engine nacelles. As a result, the plant managed to synchronize the cycle of production. “The main problem that we faced in shop No. 45 during the project was the lack of free space. The workshop is located between the territories of two neighboring workshops, so there is a shortage of production space for building a production line, "the newspaper notes."- сообщает edition "", referring to the data of the newspaper "Wings of the Soviets".

Experts, in turn, note that the synchronization of the production cycle is only a partial way out of the current situation, especially against the background of the planned serial production of Su-57 fighters with the production of a large number of aircraft per year.

“If this problem has been solved only now, then probably more than one fifth generation fighter will not be seen by the Russian Aerospace Forces this year. It is surprising that this was not foreseen initially, directly during the organization of mass production ", - notes the expert of Yuriy Kostyuchenko.

Our aircraft are promoted only with samples of the latest technology, while our potential partners massively receive not samples, but serial products in their aircraft ...

Of course, Rogoza could not have foreseen this, that there is no place in this plant! There are no other factories! Yes, with the stolen money from the Vostochny cosmodrome, it was possible to build two new plants, and closer than in the prison of Komsomolsk!

we defeated everyone on SU 57, it is the most modern aircraft of conquest and victory over everyone, and there is nowhere to assemble it. How could this happen, tovarischi

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