The media report the death of Major General Vladimir Zavadsky

According to information published by the organization of graduates of the Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School "Kremlin", Major General Vladimir Zavadsky was killed. The incident occurred on November 28 in the Kharkov region, as reported by Baza. According to the Novorossiya news agency, owned by Tsargrad Media, the 45-year-old major general was the victim of a mine explosion, which his car ran over.

Vladimir Zavadsky had a notable military career: from 2018 to 2021, he served as commander of the Kantemirovskaya Guards Tank Division. In recent years, he served as deputy commander of the 14th Army Corps.

Details of the circumstances of his death and information about the possible consequences of this incident for the ongoing military operation have not been disclosed at this time. No official statements were made by the Russian Ministry of Defense.


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