Media reports on the transfer of reserve S-400 divisions to Crimea

Russia urgently transferred additional S-300 and S-400 air defense systems to Crimea.

The information and news portal Avia.pro obtained information that Russia additionally transferred its S-400 Triumph air defense systems to the northern part of the Crimean peninsula. It is reported that we are talking about several additional divisions of Russian air defense systems deployed in Crimea, transferred from other regions of the country, while it is possible that other air defense systems were additionally deployed here, including short and medium-range air defense systems.

“The movement of advanced missile systems of Russia towards the border with Ukraine was recorded against the background of growing tensions between the two countries. The footage published by the "Express" resource was filmed in the Voronezh region, on the border with the Luhansk region of Ukraine. In recent days, there has been a sharp increase in the military presence of Russia on the border with Ukraine, while some countries have condemned the "aggressive act of Russia", - reports the information resource "Soha", referring to the video footage that appeared on the Web.

Experts do not exclude that additional air defense systems deployed in Crimea will cover not only the peninsula, but also the LPR, the assault of which can begin with the Ukrainian Armed Forces at almost any moment, since only a decree of the Ukrainian president is expected.