The media reported on the collapse in flight of Russian fighters

The media reported falling bolts on Russian fighters.

The safety of flights of Russian combat aircraft and helicopters, and their effectiveness in combat, has been put in very serious doubt. The reason for this is the fact that during the flight the fasteners can fall off, which in turn can lead to failure of fighter and helicopter systems, as well as to the loss of whole fuselage elements.

«Four out of five keys that are used in aviation regiments lie, making a mistake of up to 30 percent, an officer in the metrology department of the Russian Armed Forces told Mil.Press Military. According to him, the design of the limit keys implies the presence of an internal spring inside, which needs to be relaxed. “If this is not done, then it is in constant tension after the first measurement. And gradually the spring weakens, which greatly affects the readings. With such a tool, it is impossible to measure the force when tightening bolted joints, ”said the metrologist. The specialist noted that “no one can be sure in such a situation that the helicopter rotor hub nut or the bolts that hold the nose fairing of the fighter are tightened with the necessary effort”»- приводит information «»

Given the fact that a specialized tool is not acquired, the situation is more than critical, while experts do not exclude that the latest Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighter could have crashed for the same reason.