The media reported on the clashes of British special forces and the Russian military in Syria

Moscow demands an explanation from London for the activities of the British special forces.

In the British media (“The Guardian” and “BBC”) 13, June 2019, materials were published that confirm that the British military had developed a plan for reorienting the activities of its special forces from the fight against terrorists in Iraq and Syria, to the confrontation of Russia.

In this regard, the Russian embassy in the UK turned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of this warlike country for clarification. They are not there yet, but the embassy hopes that the answer will ever be received. According to the press secretary of the Russian embassy, ​​the appeal refers to the projects that will be submitted for approval to the British political leadership. The diplomat said that the Russian side expresses the hope that the "dangerous plans" of the British military, responsible politicians will not allow to implement.

A spokeswoman is confident that such publications are a cause of concern, regardless of their credibility. If the information is correct, such a decision can not only be wrong. It conflicts with the UK’s compliance with its international legal obligations. UK Department of Defense refuses to comment on information.

Fell unambiguously!

Teach materiel. The English ruling dynasty was generally German, they changed their name only during the Second World War, so as not to annoy the British.

And we thought the Germans.

All Russian kings (Romanovs) were Anglo-Saxons.
And Nicholas II was the grandson of the Queen of England.
Teach materiel.

The old Saber-toothed tiger, with a faithful old hunter friend with old gunpowder, deals with Pilgrimage, trying to set traps for the mighty Siberian Bear.

The Anglo-Saxons have always been, are and will be enemies of Russia. The whole story speaks and talks about it. Even there is no need to remember the Crimean War, the intervention of Great Britain during the Civil War and other "surprises" of these states. Therefore, THEY recognize only POWER. And everything else from the evil one. They need to be put everywhere in place. And if without any ceremonies and diplomatic "polity" -ROOM. Only then will they reckon with our state, and therefore the US citizens of our country.

... Moscow demands ...
... the embassy hopes that an answer will ever be received ...
that's all our foreign policy, something like that ...))

This is not a shame, this is a normal political trolling. Something like: "We warned you."

Someone on a post should make statements, and someone to bring down. We will hear about statements from our own people, but about blame .... unless the opposer begins to moan: "Do we get to be sho?"

In the Great Patriotic War, after the opening of the second front, which the USSR didn’t need a dick, Marshal Rokossovsky (by the way Pole, but our Marshal) in one episode mistakenly or not drove the mattress back to Elba so that wool flew from them. True then, we didn’t really make excuses for any scum.

did not understand many letters

And where did you read this nonsense? Aah, of course, in the American media. The moron, but besides this we still need to be interested in something)

In the USSR, they didn’t stand on ceremony, they would have blown their horns at once!

it is necessary to throw them, but not requests to do

Of course, it’s funny, because they don’t even know how to break bottles on their heads off.

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go to church, dear. Well, or where else, in your religion. You can see at the age, but you still do not understand. Your throwing and not understanding from the evil one. They will not respect us by definition. to devour, plunder, humiliate, assert itself at our expense, yes, and everything else .... so do what you need, good for the country, family, not violating or trying not to violate the commandments. Your laws and not theirs. because they change (the laws) for themselves. for some reason you think that by fulfilling their laws you will become closer to them. It will not work, it will not work. Because go to the temple and build your country, family, yourself.

The fact that Britain constantly uses its special forces in Syria against Russia and its allies is no longer a secret for anyone ... They were also in the Caucasus and Afghanistan and are probably in Ukraine today, so expect from these gentlemen of the world ... just frivolous. There is one way of interacting with them - just throw them down as an enemy.


Russia soaked IG so much that you never dreamed of

well done right

It seems to me that the whole world has ceased to trust us and only individual countries outwardly imitate favor with us, but in fact they do not respect us. Therefore, they are doing everything according to their cuts and do not inform Russia. This is the result of our arrogant foreign policy.

English "special forces")) Thanks to the author, very laugh)) Sorry about James Bond 007 did not mention

"Russian embassy in the UK ... turned
for clarification. They are not there yet, but the embassy is hoping. ”Shame. Is this the position? We want to be civilized. And“ civilized ”Britain is not even responding.

Are you a nice person, probably a storyteller with Ukrodolbosran? Kysh on ukrovetku, there brains gallop horses!

This is what a British special forces, which in Pristina at the sight of the Russian airborne battalion, consisting of 200 man put in his pants?

Russia wasn’t at war with IS
Several clashes with the IG ended for her rather unfortunate
After several months of fighting, the militants had to be released with a weapon, because both the time of the operation and the loss exceeded all reasonable limits.

MOSCOW demands ... and that, sadly enough, all that it can

It is just that ISIS is an irregular army of Britain and the United States, and when Russia almost destroyed them, curators from Britain and Washington came to the rescue. It's simple.