The media reported on the seizure by the Russian troops of the American military base in Syria

The Russian military captured the American military base in Syria.

The US military, in an interview with National Public Radio, reported that the Russian military kicked out US forces from one of the military bases in Syria, and so unceremoniously that the US military had no choice but to temporarily live in army trucks, before what was built a new base in eastern Syria.

“The Russian troops followed our troops and were able to capture the American outpost. For some time, they [the US military - approx. Ed.] had to sleep in his trucks before building a new outpost ”- сообщает "National Public Radio".

We are talking about the period when American troops had to urgently leave part of the northeastern territory of the Arab Republic, however, what kind of military base in question is not reported.

It should be clarified that earlier the Russian military was really able to successfully occupy several large American military facilities on the territory of the Arab Republic with virtually ready-made infrastructure at the same time, however, given the absence of any real clashes between the parties, experts believe that in such a situation nothing extraordinary.

“The American military, by the way, illegally located in Syria, left their military bases, after which the Russian troops successfully occupied them. There can be no claims and the only guilty of this can be only the American military command. ”, - the expert marks.

The next "winning reports" to raise the fallen rating.

Just don’t need to write that they “kicked out”, the Yankees themselves left the base, and ours are right there. And that’s all. We have already seen this in the north of Syria, and Kamyshly is still in our hands, and the Americans have again squeezed 2 bases from us. So when we really start to drive the Yankees from everywhere, it will be a feat. And now this is the use of the moment, no more and they are not proud of it ...