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Media: The US is preparing to take control of the European part of Russia

It became known about the establishment of US control over the European part of Russia.

The United States of America was able to quietly take control of the entire European part of Russia. At the moment, there is an active deployment of the Aegis Ashorе system, which will simply make almost one hundred and fifty Russian nuclear warheads absolutely useless.

“One of the NMD facilities is being built in the Polish village of Redzikovo. Now there are problems with him - the Pentagon is changing the contractor who could not stand the construction period. But still, in a year or two it will be completed, and then the US military will be able to take complete control of the entire European part of Russia with the positions of the Topol-M and Yars ballistic missiles in Tatishchevo, Teikovo and Kozelsk. This, by the way, is 134 nuclear warheads - a little less than half of our ground arsenal. in fact, just the development of the US NMD system and its infrastructure approaching the Russian borders, as well as Washington’s adoption of the Prompt Global Strike program, which involves the use of up to 6 cruise missiles both from NMD bases, surface ships, and with refitted strategic nuclear submarines, has become the main catalyst for the new arms race. The desire to circumvent the basic principles of START-3 - reduction for the sake of increasing stability and confidence - has practically discounted the agreement. Instead of one problem - maintaining the balance of nuclear weapons, which restrain each other from the attack, a new non-nuclear domination arose ”- сообщает "TASS".

How exactly the United States managed to get so close to controlling Russian territory is not known, however, given the information that has appeared, it is obvious that Russia should seek new means to protect its borders and sovereignty.

So what's the matter, go to these normal people, and live calmly and richly.

Masks were worn only in Russia? In the NATO countries and in the USA themselves, the situation is much worse than in Russia, the whole island is reserved for the cemetery in the USA. Now, nothing can be built except for pavilions from prefabricated panels in Russia. In the far north, the world's largest gas liquefaction plant was built, and apparently not from the panels. Nuclear icebreakers are being built, the largest in the world, there are now about 40 icebreakers in the Russian Federation, and only 2 in the USA are under repair. I'm not talking about RD- 180, this is a legacy of the USSR, but the United States is forced to buy these engines from Russia, because with and a full set of documentation for the production of RD-180, in the United States for 20 years they could not produce these engines themselves, and the most annoying thing is that they could not successfully complete the development of their engines to replace the Russian RD-180. The United States, this is the dollar, actually secured by forced settlements through the US payment system and living at the expense of interest for banking transactions in dollars. Now, in connection with the oil war unleashed by the Saudis by analogy with the scenario when the price of oil served the collapse of the SS R, bankruptcies in the USA for shale oil companies are already taking place, the Saudis have already grabbed their wallets, tomorrow, April 11, there will be a meeting 20 in connection with the oil crisis. So, do not rush to bury Russia, the EU will fall apart and the NATO bloc, well, then we’ll see how the USA will cope with problems ALONE!

Zolotar is also a profession.

I can assure you that you will not live richly and calmly and I hope that you will be bent in agony with such desires.

So go to Ukraine, they were already taken by good people and live there calmly and very very not richly ...

From Chukotka to the United States 3km.

It is not necessary to look for defenses, but means of attack, so that the enemy knows 100% what will be destroyed in the attack.

Well, normal people would pick us up soon. 100 years of constant house of repression of petro-accelerations. I just want to live in peace, albeit not richly.


And you don’t need to build anything. Everything has already been built. When it smells fried, it will be useless to hide

Why this scribble? Who is scared of this? Information 100 years on Saturday at lunch.

They have no right to attack Russian territory

That's who such nonsense writes. For 10 years, these bases are under construction. By and large, they are of little use - they disabled the radar or even interfered with it.

Yeah, create, like Vostochny Cosmodrome, an inexhaustible source of income that is not taxable.

On beacons they have 100% hits)

Do not forget about the Far East, there missiles fly to the states as well as from Poland to Moscow, and Alaska generally borders us

I've already ground a shovel!

They are us from Europe, and we are from Alaska.
The path is short.

Who will let you into Latin America with Putin? There, the poor countries are completely controlled by Amkoy and the dollar. Bunkers? Do not make me laugh. What was built during Putin’s rule? Hangars for equipment from sandwich panels. And this is the maximum that Russia can build.

It’s just that over time, illegal checkpoints from traffic police and some unclear persons in military uniforms established around large cities of RUSSIA will be replaced by Russian speakers from NATO countries. And that’s it! Full occupation completed! Quiet and without noise and dust! Why conduct combat operations in the controlled territory? The population is doing everything that they say! To put on masks - to put on! Self-insulating - self-insulating! Self-destruct - ...

Everything is logical, in the framework of the destruction of nuclear danger on the planet. When the argument of the nuclear baton will come to naught.

As always, a battle of minds. I think Russia has already worked ahead of schedule. But the contracts must be fulfilled.

We are expecting another "Cuban missile crisis", but Trump is not Kennedy.

Remind me when the vaunted Aegis knocked at least something? So far, all its effectiveness is only in advertising, as is Patriot.

In the event of real danger, Redzikovo and 50 other neighboring villages can be destroyed in a matter of minutes with one blow. And the author is aware that 70% of nuclear warheads are on the submarine? and that at the same time at least 5-8 submarines are on duty around the USA. It is noteworthy that if a full-fledged anti-missile defense system is created in Poland, in response to Latin America a base equipped with the latest military equipment will be created, including Caliber, Krasuha, S400, depth control bunkers, etc., all of North America will be under a dense hood. Putin is just waiting for this, the need for such a base is long overdue, you only need a good reason to create it.