Su-57 in Syria


Media: Su-57 in Syria was just window dressing

The appearance in Syria of the Russian Su-57 was called window dressing.

Specialists of the Sina publication criticized the appearance of the Russian Su-57 fighter in Syria, saying that this aircraft was not ready for real combat.

“According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, two Su-57, including prototype No. 11, arrived at the Khmeimim base, accompanied by 5-6 fighters Su-35, where they spent a total of about 10 days. However, judging by the information published at the moment, neither the American nor the Russian aircraft in contact with the air. The US military claims that for more than a hundred flights of F-35 fighter jets, not a single Russian fighter (Su-57 - ed.) Flew in the air. "- reports the publication.

According to experts, Russia has not yet demonstrated the real combat capabilities of its fifth-generation fighters, which may mean that the Su-57 was not yet ready for real combat use, unlike the F-35.

“The Russian side prefers to show its deterrent force. Unlike the “muscle show”, the F35 fighters of the US military were ready for real fighting. ”- emphasizes the publication "Sina".


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