Su-57 aircraft


Media: Turkey will shoot down Russian Su-57 with Russian C-400

Media outlets reported problems for the Russian Su-57.

Due to the fact that Russia categorically opposed the Turkish military invasion of Syria and has already announced the creation of a no-fly zone over the northern part of the Arab Republic, Chinese media have stated that there is a serious risk that, in the future, the Russian C-400 posed to Turkey, can be used against Russian Su-57 fighters.

“In connection with Turkey’s entry into the Syrian conflict, information appeared in the Chinese media that there is a risk of Turkey using C-400 systems recently acquired from Russia against Russian Su-57 systems”- reports "Telegram" community "Bulletin of air defense and air forces."

How reliable this information is, for now, remains unknown - editors were not able to find the relevant material in the PRC mass media, but earlier China openly warned Russia that the sale of modern weapons to Turkey could turn out to be serious problems, since Ankara has repeatedly proved to be unreliable partner.

On the other hand, a few hours ago, Turkey announced that it was ready to begin to storm Manbij, where the Russian military is already located, which indicates that Ankara is ready for any development.

The foolish reporters apparently are unaware that there is a system for recognizing friend or foe for export designs. And if there is no source of confirmation, then this is OBS in its purest form.