Erdogan C-400


Media: Turkey is trying to "throw" Russia with S-400

The media announced Erdogan’s attempts to “throw” Russia with the purchase of C-400.

Cooperation between Russia and Turkey in terms of selling the latest Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems could turn into a serious problem. This is due not only to the fact that air defense systems, which still have no analogues in the world, are transferred to a NATO member country, but also to the fact that Erdogan has already taken the first steps indicating Ankara’s attempt to “throw” Russia with the “Triumphs”.

“The next redistribution of the north of Syria ended when Turkey had to stop the US itself with threats from economic sanctions up to hostilities, as Ankara again extended a hand of friendship to Washington. Anti-aircraft systems were sold for a Russian loan and quickly transferred to Turkey by Ruslan airplanes. But now Ankara is thinking about deferring supplies for the second batch. ”- said in the material of the Russian edition of "Reporter", which notes that Ankara may well again "hit in the back" of Russia.

It should be clarified that earlier the Chinese media spoke out with a similar point of view, in which it was reported that Turkey might well find a reason not only not to pay Russia for the delivery of S-400, but also to transfer these US air defense systems for study, thereby putting under a threat not only to Russia, but also to China, India and a number of other countries.

In vain, our memory is short. Ottomans with Russia were constantly in the war. What served yields and is believed in our time by the Turks. a smile on your face is not friendliness. How to protect your back?

And remember, ALL military exports of de facto firmware are completely different, the systems are cut.

What primitive thinking is the sale of secret installations. What a secret they have already been sold. AKM is also a secret.

In Russia, in the combat units 70%, C-300 is still!

We have enough "drain" of the USSR, as a fact! -Other-lyrics.

Although, to be honest, I doubt very much that they would listen. They consider themselves the smartest, and the people for them are garbage. But they don’t listen to garbage.

Vyacheslav: You do not need to learn, you need to express your opinion. What if it’s sensible and they will listen.

What are you talking about? Russia has long had C500, and C400 is ALREADY a commercial project! Yes, let them pass information to third countries, not one Turk was killed in the Arab Emirates for this ... and all those involved in the sale calculate the threats .... in general, do not worry, Russia has better weapons than it sells!

You can not believe the Ottomans, and with the Chinese you have to be on guard .....

I have no right to teach the Government of our country, because we do not have the necessary information for this. I think that Turkey will never be our friend. History is the memory of the country. The Turks remember her well! Russia must understand that the new “partner” must be kept in sight, and not given the opportunity to go from the back.

everything is right money for officials and oligarchs! No pension!

Change is not .... ka Medvedev

Putin for such a short-term policy must be declared an enemy of Russia and judged as a traitor to the homeland

And what else can you expect from the descendants of the Ottoman Empire, which threw everyone and everything for their own immediate profit.

I think that the majority of Russians are against the policies pursued by the country's leadership! Remember the recent Soviet Union! Did you trade secret weapons before? Today, these complexes are needed by their country, and they just need to fill their pockets and sell them to everyone! They sell gas, oil, timber and other natural resources of the country! They have billions in their pockets, but they don’t have money for retired people ?! This is just a shame !!!!

And if that is exactly what happens, who will be to blame for the fact that the NATO country received secret Russian weapons, and even threw Russia? Who has once appointed the furniture maker Serdyukov as Minister of Defense and did not answer for this? On the one hand, it’s disgusting, but on the other hand, you still need to deal with all this activity!

Only the layman does not understand this

Yes you are right. It is in their blood.


... So it will be ... All secrets will be given to the Americans ...



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