Media: Ukraine fulfilled the missile shooting of Russian warships in the Black Sea

It became known about the development of firing missiles of Russian warships.

According to the Russian free press, the Ukrainian side, against the background of the development of Neptune cruise missiles, began to work out the destruction of the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Black Sea.

As follows from the information presented, regular testing of the latest Ukrainian Neptune cruise missile is a targeted test of these missiles in a battle simulating the destruction of the forces of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

“An old lighter of project 1635 was delivered as a target to the Alibey training ground. Length - 38 meters, width - 11 meters. In fact - a non-crewed non-self-propelled ship's barge, designed for pushing by tugs along the rivers. The target was anchored 75 kilometers from the coast. Over the lighter deck, as it should be on any regular target ships (which the Navy of Ukraine - not a single one) pulled a metal net. Meaning: in each of these tests, a missile, if successful, so as not to drown an expensive target ship along the way, just rush a few meters above the side and, having collapsed, leave a hole in the grid. This is in all fleets and is considered a documentary fixation of the accuracy of a volley. So: on Thursday, the creators of "Neptune" everything turned out. The hole above the deck came out notable and the lighters the testers did not sink. Additional photo and video information was delivered to Kiev by the pilots of two Ukrainian Su-27s, who accompanied the new missile on the entire flight route ”, - reports the Russian information publication Free Press.

Nevertheless, experts draw attention to the fact that the current tests are not a reason to claim that Ukraine is ready to argue for superiority in the Black Sea with Russia, since any provocation will be stopped, and if for any reason the Ukrainian military still tries to attack Russian ships, then a strike from Russia can turn out to be immediate and very harsh

And it’s nothing that Russian warships are not at all defenseless target lighters and have the ability not only to defend against antediluvian missiles, but also to weighed out a full-fledged surrender? Or again, "And for sho !?"

But for some reason, we can only read about it .. And where is the photo and video materials? Not once did the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine or the GKKB Luch provide photo or video evidence of the hit of Neptune on target!
Considering how pedantically Ukrainian photojournalists “popped” not only Neptune itself, but also USPU-360, their models and even the memorable “freshly painted pipe in the pit”, it seems completely impossible for the photographers and videographers to ignore the “independent” exact hit “ Neptune's target. Moreover, such photo and video materials, from the point of view of self-promotion and the allocation of additional funds for the development of Neptune, would be a priori extremely beneficial both for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and for the GKKB Luch.

They will not attack any Black Sea Fleet. For this will be an occasion to completely and finally resolve the issue. The Ukrainian state will be abolished.

As the French say: In war, as in war.
The sinking of the warship of the Russian Navy is an act of war with all the ensuing consequences for both Ukraine and the Russian Federation.
Yes, and now we can’t relax ...
And may the strongest win ...

Funny to God, after the first real launch of a rocket towards the Russian fleet, their military infrastructure will simply cease to exist.

After the first rocket, the skakels will be sunk, all these are idiots.

As a result of testing the latest Ukrainian Neptune cruise missile, everything went as normal. All rockets returned to the launch site!

If these idiots are suicides then as they say "well."