Media: 30 thousand Russian troops noticed 15 kilometers from Moscow, despite the ban. Video

Despite the ban on gathering in groups, 15 thousand Russian military men rehearsed the Victory Parade.

A few hours ago, the information resource InfoResist опубликовал A video recording of the training of 15 thousand Russian troops standing in tight rows, contrary to existing recommendations, is closer than one meter. Judging by the presented video frames, such actions cause obvious indignation of the author of the recording.

“How many, thousands? 15 thousand? And they said *****, do not collect more than 50. And not a single masked one, all healthy, ***** ”, - the author of the video comments on what is happening.

According to preliminary data, the video was shot in Alabino, Moscow Region, during a rehearsal for the Victory Parade, although no official confirmation of this from the Ministry of Defense has been made.

Attention! The video contains censored vocabulary "

According to official data, not a single case of a new type of coronavirus infection was recorded in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, however, given the fact that only 4 thousand tests were conducted in Russia, in fact, only 0,4% of the total number of troops in the Russian troops.

“To date, no cases of coronavirus have been detected among the Russian Armed Forces, the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper reports, citing the press service of the Ministry of Defense. According to the publication, 4 military tests have already been conducted ”- сообщает

double standards, some houses obediently sit and others forcefully train for the parade, how to understand this? Really the president is not in the know ?????)