Media: Ukrainian special forces invaded Crimea - they are already looking for

Ukrainian special forces invaded Crimea under the cover of American ships and aircraft.

There are several Ukrainian special forces on the territory of Crimea, the main task of which is to destabilize the situation on the territory of the peninsula with a view to its subsequent capture. The latter, it is likely, were able to penetrate into the Crimea at a time when American military aircraft flying near Russian territory, as well as warships, distracted the Russian military.

"So far, the statement of the Russian embassy is enough, but if the information about US support for the subversive activities of Ukraine in Crimea is confirmed, the reaction will have to be intensified," Russian Senator Andrey Klimov told VZGLYAD newspaper, commenting on the message of the NBC News channel about the United States' support for "Ukrainian units" in Crimea. “I have no doubts that the US special services are very closely monitoring what the Ukrainian special services are doing,” said Andrei Klimov, deputy chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. - I can't say whether the Americans are initiating any actions in Crimea, but they are probably conducting intelligence. There is a large group of Russian troops, and it would be strange if the US intelligence was not interested in this, including using the capabilities of Ukraine. " The Russian Embassy in Washington demanded an explanation from the United States in connection with the report of the NBC News channel about the United States' support for certain "Ukrainian units in Crimea", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Vzglyad".

Earlier, there was information that a Ukrainian agent network was deployed on the territory of Crimea, in connection with which, the information provided may well be relevant, however, the fact that the United States is supporting Ukrainian units in Crimea may result in very serious problems for Washington.

At the moment, the situation around Crimea is extremely aggravated, in particular, this is due to the appearance of American strategic bombers, warships and reconnaissance aircraft here.