Media: two Turkish F-16 fighters damaged as a result of the Armenian strike

The media reported that two Turkish F-16 fighters were damaged by Armenian missile strikes.

After an unsuccessful massive missile attack by the Armenian Armed Forces on the airfield area in Ganja, two Turkish fighters suddenly disappeared from satellite images. According to a number of sources, two aircraft could have been damaged and are currently undergoing a repair procedure, which is why at least one Turkish Air Force military transport aircraft arrived in Baku.

Judging by the satellite images presented, neither the military airfield in Ganja nor its infrastructure received any visible damage, however, experts draw attention to the fact that the screams could hit the warplanes with fragments of shells, especially since the Azerbaijani side refused to demonstrate airfield infrastructure after Armenia's missile strike.

To date, the fate of the F-16 fighters located on the territory of the airfield in Ganja remains unknown, however, for about a week these combat aircraft of the Turkish Air Force have not appeared in the regions bordering the NKR, although according to earlier statements made by Yerevan, Turkish fighters were actively flying at some distance. from the border.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that if the Turkish fighters were really damaged, then they are most likely not serious.