Rocket Sarmat


The media announced problems with the adoption of the Russian Sarmat hypersonic missile

The Russian media questioned the readiness of the Sarmat hypersonic missile system to be adopted.

The Russian press Free Press, referring to the data of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Yuri Borisov, reports that the timing of the adoption of the Sarmat complex, which is a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with hypersonic maneuvering warheads, can be disrupted. The reason for this is that Russian designers do not fit into the designated timelines for testing this missile.

“However, Borisov, despite all the optimism regarding the victory of the military-industrial complex over the coronavirus, was extremely cautious:“ Flight tests will be carried out at the time determined by the general designer and the Russian Defense Ministry. ” But this is alarming, because these deadlines will very soon hit the deadlines for taking the missile into service. Because at the end of last year, First Deputy Minister of Defense Aleksey Krivoruchko said that the adoption of Sarmat’s weapons is expected in 2021. That is, a maximum after a year and a half "- сообщает Russian edition of the Free Press.

Experts, in turn, believe that in reality, real delays in the adoption of the Sarmat missile are not expected, and, quite obviously, the tests will be carried out already in the middle of the year, after which a missile system will be announced for a couple of months armament of the Russian army.

“In fact, the technology of launching hypersonic missiles has already been developed, and. the final preparations for the launch are likely to take place, especially since judging by a number of documents, the rocket has already confirmed its basic characteristics, and the tests themselves will only demonstrate the power of the rocket. ”, - said the analyst

"Russian Sarmat missile? There is no such missile! There is an intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat! Do not confuse this launch vehicle with the Avangard strategic hypersonic missile system, in which in the future instead of the UR-100N UTTX as a carrier of hypersonic warheads this same RS-28 Sarmat will be used.