Destroyed airbase


"We were able to repeat": the American airbase of Ain al-Assad in Iraq was re-bombed with missiles

The largest US Air Force base again came under heavy rocket fire from Iranian forces.

Ain al-Assad, the largest US Air Force base in Iraq, came under heavy fire with 122mm rockets this morning. unguided rockets. The news agency obtained information that a total of 14 missiles were fired at the US Air Force base, ten of which fell on the territory of a military facility. Information about the destruction, incoming and casualties has not yet been provided, but it is reported that black smoke is visible at the military airfield and a powerful fire has begun.

The missile attack on the American military airbase Ain al-Assad is most likely connected with the recent bombing of the Iranian base in Syria by the American aircraft, and it is quite remarkable that only a few days ago there appeared objective data on the powerful missile attack on the same airbase by Iranian ballistic missiles, and in the event of an escalation of the situation, Iran has promised to repeat these strikes.

At the moment, it is known about the destruction of several pieces of military equipment located at the airbase, but the source does not specify what kind of equipment it is talking about, since US Air Force fighters, attack helicopters and drones are based at the Ain al-Assad airfield.