Reduced tariffs, Duty Free and Wi-Fi - the beginning of improvements in Belavia


Reduced tariffs, Duty Free and Wi-Fi - the beginning of improvements in Belavia

25 January 2014. Very soon, the national airline "Belavia" will be able to please fans of air flights by reducing tariffs and providing Wi-Fi services to passengers in airplanes, Interfax-Belarus reports.

"Belavia is trying to work so that to see an acceptable solution and find internal reserves to expand the range of tariffs and subsequently provide the availability of a certain number of seats at very low and affordable prices," General Director of the company Anatoly Gusarov told reporters in Minsk at a press conference on Friday.

At the same time, he recognized the fact that the lowest ticket price that a company can provide cannot be compared with low-cost fares. “Despite this, we are gradually approaching such a level, and this is especially noticeable during periods of low demand,” the CEO said for the press. They were also told that the airline is constantly trying to develop the desired hybrid model, which could combine classic work and partly low-cost.

At the same time, Deputy Director General for Marketing Igor Chergints noted that at the moment the decision of internal reserves to ensure a reduction in the cost may be the work of Duty Free - trading in an airplane during flights.   

The deputy also noted that the company plans to move forward and provide passengers on the plane the opportunity to use wireless Internet and mobile communications. These services will be introduced no earlier than next year after the next modernization of the airline’s fleet. 



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