From Iran, the work of powerful electronic warfare systems was brought down on Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan faced the most powerful impact of electronic warfare systems from Iran.

Iranian ships and ground-based electronic warfare systems are involved in large-scale jamming on the territory of neighboring Azerbaijan. This happened after Baku decided to start a new round of escalation in Karabakh. This is evidenced by the sharply increased radio-electronic disturbances over almost the entire territory of Azerbaijan.

First facts applications electronic warfare complexes were recorded here on August 3, 2022, i.e., immediately at the time of the first recorded incident on the border of Azerbaijan and the unrecognized Republic of Artsakh. Around the same time, the transfer of Iranian military equipment to the region was recorded. Nevertheless, the greatest activity of EW means is noted from the side of the Caspian Sea, which led to the assumption that the work of EW means is carried out from this direction by ships.

On the presented image, you can see a powerful radio-electronic impact according to data for August 1, 2 and 3, and, two days before fixing this by spacecraft, you can see that no anomalies are noted.

To date, Iran is armed with powerful electronic warfare equipment, however, Tehran does not comment on the information that it is its electronic warfare systems that are involved in the current situation.