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Sobolev proposed increasing the term of military service in the Russian army to two years

State Duma deputy and member of the Defense Committee Viktor Sobolev (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) proposed increasing the period of military service in the Russian army to two years, reports. This proposal supports an idea expressed earlier by another deputy, Andrei Gurulev (United Russia).

Viktor Sobolev argues for his proposal by the need for long-term training of soldiers, pointing out that the first six months should be devoted to training in educational units, followed by a year or a year and a half of direct service in the troops to ensure the combat effectiveness of the army. He claims that such a measure will allow military personnel to better master modern technology and conduct combat coordination. According to Sobolev, no one will be against this decision if it helps protect the country’s sovereignty.

“Modern technology requires that a military man be trained to be able to apply knowledge in practice, this takes time. It is necessary to carry out combat coordination so that any company or battalion is ready to defend its homeland at any time. And commanders, which is also very important, must learn to manage units and organize interaction between them.”- said Sobolev.

This proposal contradicts the statement made by the head of the State Duma Defense Committee Andrei Kartapolov in July. Then he assured that in the near future the duration of military service of one year will remain, referring to the ability of a modern young man to master all military specialties in a maximum of six months.

“There is no need for this. A modern young man is able to master all military specialties in a maximum of six months.”,” Kartapolov said earlier.

The context of this proposal is strengthened by the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 1 to increase the size of the army by 170 thousand people, which brings the total strength of the Armed Forces to 2 ​​people. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the increase in staff will occur gradually and mainly due to contract soldiers; mobilization in connection with the decree is not planned.


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