Military patrol


Social networks showed the chase of the US military for the Russian military patrol

Photos are published that capture the “flight” of the Russian military patrol from the US military.

Against the background of a serious destabilization of the situation in the north of Syria, in particular, the relationship between the American and Russian military is implied, the Western news agency AFP published a photo showing how several American armored vehicles move a couple of hundred meters from a Russian military patrol. The information was quickly embellished by social networks, where a similar moment is positioned as “the flight of the Russian military”, which is completely fiction.



"The American military convoy and the Russian military convoy are photographed at the intersection of routes on the M4 highway in Syria, in the northeast of Hasake province on January 20, 2020.", - the author of the photo reports, refuting the data that appeared.

What exactly is the reason for the need to discredit the Russian military in Syria is unknown, however, managed to find out that most accounts that spread false and, frankly, fake information were created only a few weeks ago.

It should be clarified that at the moment, the fact remains for what purpose the US military also patrolled the M4 highway, moving behind a column of Russian military, however, this may be due to attempts to create provocations.


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The Russian convoy ordered the Americans to follow themselves. They had to obey.

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The task of the provocateurs is precisely in response. And thank God for the strong nerves of our military! If an order arrives ... further from the story

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