Russian Airborne Forces, with the support of aviation and artillery, defeated the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Artyomovsky

Last week, units of the Airborne Forces (Airborne Forces) from the “South” group of troops successfully liberated the village of Artemovskoye, Donetsk People’s Republic. The operation was carried out with the support of aviation and artillery, which significantly improved the situation along the front line.

During the operation, the paratroopers carried out reconnaissance operations and additional reconnaissance of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) from the air. This made it possible to open the enemy’s defense system, strongholds and fire weapons. The counter-battery fire of the group's artillery effectively suppressed the firing positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' artillery and destroyed the exposed control posts.

Attack aircraft attacked fortified positions and fortifications of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The demoralization of the enemy by precise strikes on control points and the suppression of fire weapons created the conditions for the assault. The paratroopers attacked from several directions under the cover of an armored group on BMP-2 and BMD-2.

Operators of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) accompanied the attacking units from the air and warned about new fire weapons of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and mining of advance routes. Opened fire weapons were immediately destroyed by FPV drone crews and armored group fire.

As a result, airborne assault groups, using small arms, took the village by storm. The enemy was forced to retreat, leaving behind the wounded and dead. Some of the Ukrainian Armed Forces militants laid down their arms and surrendered.


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