Sohu: the transfer of Russian MiG-31s ​​to American borders caused unrest in the United States

The publication Sohu published material that Russia has found a way to respond to the constant provocations of the US military at its borders.

The article emphasizes that Russia owns a huge number of deadly submarines and aircraft, so the United States must be ready for a tough response to any provocation on their part. The authors of the publication write that quite recently one could be convinced of this during one remarkable event.

“The US has not loosened its grip on Russia in an attempt to hit its opponent with soft power. But Russia has recently retaliated, ”experts say.

It became known about the transfer of MiG-31BM fighter-interceptors to the military base in Anadyr.

This settlement is located just 600 km from Alaska, so, if necessary, planes can reach the American borders in just 20 minutes. This maneuver has caused excitement in the United States. It is believed that Russia did this in response to the deployment of a squadron of American F-22 fighters in the region.

Earlier it was reported that after the completion of the modernization of the MiG-31, the northern borders of Russia will be effectively covered. According to experts, this is extremely important given the increased interest of other states in the Northern Sea Route.


The task of the MiGs is not to hit our Alaska, but to deliver a hypersonic Dagger with a nuclear warhead to the radius of a possible attack on groups of American ships.

A missile launched from an F22 simply won't catch up with the Mig31, even if it succeeds in getting close to the firing distance. Which is unlikely. But on the contrary, the MiG31 is guaranteed to catch up with the F22, from any angle of attack, not to mention rocket launches.

Well, let them try to hit these targets)

Well, well, for them these are just targets, why be afraid of them?

Are these the ones with the "Dagger"? Hana Alaska with F22

This is far from a symmetrical answer ... Once the USSR placed missiles with nuclear warheads in Cuba, this is another matter ..

... And with MIGs - "Daggers". There is something to think about