Sohu: Ukraine helped China bypass the Russian Su-57

Ukraine helped create the fifth generation fighter in China.

According to the Sohu news agency, the process of developing and building a fifth-generation Chinese fighter, Chengdu J-20, was made possible only with the help of Ukrainian specialists from the Motorsich company.

The publication reports that the creation of such engines as "Taihang" and "EMEI" was made possible by "Advanced Ukrainian technologies", and only because of this, in the opinion of the Chinese edition, China has already adopted the fifth-generation fighter, while in Russia the Su-57 will begin to enter the troops only at the end of this year.

“The defense industry of Ukraine is known worldwide. Many countries know that its economy is in a difficult situation, so [Chinese experts] went there to buy weapons, technology, hire scientific and technical personnel. ”- notes the publication of "Sohu".

On the other hand, the arguments of “Sohu” journalists are very contradictory, since China itself has already recognized that the Russian Su-57 fighter jets outperform the Chinese Chengdu J-20 in speed and maneuverability, which is why Chinese combat aircraft are unlikely to achieve the same performance, which is available from the Russian fighter of the fifth generation.

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