Hundreds of American tanks and armored personnel carriers set off for the Russian border

Residents of American cities record hundreds of armored vehicles sent to Europe.

Against the background of the appearance of information that the United States plans to deploy its troops of about 50 thousand people in Eastern Europe, videos appeared on the Web with huge trains loaded with armored combat vehicles. According to various estimates, we are talking about 400-500 units of various armored vehicles - tanks, armored personnel carriers, armored vehicles, etc.

On the presented videos, you can see that the trains include more than a hundred platforms with armored vehicles.

On the railway platforms, it was possible to identify tracked armored personnel carriers M2 Bradley, heavy tanks M1 Abrams. Apparently, this is far from all the military equipment that is being actively drawn to Texas, from where, according to a number of data, it will be transported in the coming weeks to the countries of Eastern Europe, i.e., directly to the Russian borders.

The Pentagon and Washington have not yet commented on the data on the transfer of significant forces of the American army to Europe, however, according to experts, the active concentration of equipment in Texas suggests that we are not talking about conducting any exercises.

In which countries the United States will deploy its 50th army is unknown, however, according to various conclusions, it could be Poland, the Baltic countries or Romania. The likelihood that the equipment will go directly to Ukraine is extremely low.

Found a new way to dispose of obsolete equipment

It's time to start a rail war...

Tanks and armored personnel carriers must first be brought to the port, loaded onto ships, then sailed by sea for a long time, then unloaded at the port, loaded onto railway platforms or trailers and traveled along EU roads to the border with the Russian Federation for a long time. Then unload all this, place it, organize repair bases, bring in spare parts, personnel, quarter them, provide them with food, housing, wages, travel allowances, etc. etc. This is a rather EXPENSIVE pleasure, spending money on which, on the part of the Pentagon, will only amuse our Minister of Defense!)))

Looks like a revolution in America is planned!

What metallurgy? Which is not?

painful, by 2014 NATO was already on the Russian border. But here, after all, how is it - facts do not interfere with a good analyst, right?)))))

We now have many different projects in Russia that cannot be started, because there is no necessary workforce. Therefore, let them come to us, we really need prisoners of war now.

In a nuclear winter, Australia will not be up to radioactive repositories.

And there is confidence that in Europe, and not in Latin America?

Who will bury them?

Yegorka s Chyorny bugorka, how is the weather in Odessa?

Do not bend, in the United States before, they transported military equipment.

And where is the Russian concern about the concentration of so many troops in Texas? Where are the accusations against the United States of preparing an invasion of Mexico?

Good news! Then there will be convoys with humanitarian aid to what remains of the Russian Federation

The United States was afraid of nuclear weapons, but they will receive it

Otherwise, where would NATO be today? Would it disappear, perhaps?

That's right!
Let them pile up...
It's easier to get into a bunch!

Arimia of the State Department, looks like a dog. On the old, lazy and fat. He may be big, but he can’t run or bite much, except to bark loudly! Of course, it can bite a small kitten, but with others it will turn its tail. But in his yard, among chickens, rabbits, etc., he walks like a master!

Well, you need to dispose of old tanks somewhere))

A lot of scrap metal will have to be melted down by our metallurgy.

The fact that NATO would stand on the border with the Russian Federation was already clear in the 90s

Nobody needs a suitcase without a handle. We didn't promise to feed anymore.

Well, so far this technique is moving through the United States and there was no information about loading on ships or on planes.

Back in 14, I immediately told my friends that Putin was afraid of NATO in Crimea, but he lost all of Ukraine, and NATO will stand on the border with the Russian Federation.

Who wants to get used gifts? Who wants to be the new Afghanistan?

Timed just in case...



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