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Hundreds of Russians are trapped due to coronavirus - Georgia does not let them through

Hundreds of Russians cannot return to their homeland due to Georgia closing its borders.

The evacuation of citizens of the Russian Federation from Armenia was disrupted due to the refusal of the Georgian authorities to pass them through land corridors. The only way to leave the territory of Armenia is by air transport, however, for this the citizens of the Russian Federation have less than a day, after which the route communication with neighboring states will be closed for an indefinite period.

"Attention! In connection with the refusal of the Georgian side to pass through their territory the citizens who wanted to leave Armenia by land, we again strongly recommend that Russian citizens immediately take advantage of the still remaining opportunity to leave Armenia using air traffic ”, - the Russian Embassy in Armenia reports.

The evacuation of citizens of the Russian Federation by air is also under a very big question, since Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey can close their airspace for Russian civilian aircraft, and therefore a lot of questions arise regarding the fate of the evacuated citizens.

According to the previously published text of the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, already at midnight Russia completely closes its borders.

We must live at home and not roam around by all means!